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The Sales Job That’s Not Salsey

Super-smooth-talking-glad-handling-toothy-vacant-minded-sales-weasels…are not invited to apply. 

Move on.

The rest of you good-hearted-problem-solving-understanding-listeners, read on.

Alaskan AC, and our ice-cream lovin’ polar bears, hope you have the kind of personality to join our team as a Comfort Advisor. 

Yes, your job as a Comfort Advisor is to sell HVAC units – but there’s a catch:

·         You can’t sell anyone anything they don’t need.

·         You have to be a problem solver first, salesperson second.

·         You must help people win.

The Comfort Advisors who know their stuff usually make around $72K – but can easily make as much as $180K if they’re on top of their game.

Our customers have high expectations of us when we’re in their homes. Above all, they know they can trust us. We always try to repair before we replace…but when it’s time to replace, your job is to help them make the right decision.

The right decision is the one that makes their home comfortable. The right decision is the one that will run efficiently for up to 20 years, and be kind to their utility bill. The right decision is the one the customer is happy with.

As a Comfort Advisor at Alaskan AC you are expected to:

·         Have solid communications and client service skills.

·         Never be at work, on a job site, or operating a company vehicle while distracted or impaired in any fashion.

·         Show up on time and attend all meetings.

·         Offer options to clients to improve their system and air quality when appropriate.

·         Use your best manners at all times.

·         Never make fun of customers behind their backs.

·         Wear the complete Alaskan uniform with pride.

You need to have good communication skills, and manners so pristine it makes your mother weep. You need to keep up with paperwork and complete follow-through. You need to respect our customer’s homes and put in an honest day’s work every day. You have to be willing to learn our system and abide by our 3 core values:

               1. Helping People Win

               2. Being Trust Worthy

               3. Living Gratefully

We have a tight-knit team and the people we choose to work with all receive:

·         Up to 10 paid vacation days each year

·         6 paid holidays each year

·         401k Plan (with company matching)

·         Health Insurance for your whole family (Medical, Dental, Vision and Prescriptions)

·         Life and Disability Insurance

·         Plenty of work to keep you busy

·         Regular sales training

We’ll show you a career path that will take you from an Apprentice Comfort Advisor, all the way into management. We expect you to grow and improve your skills, and we’ll give you the training to do it. You’ll be working closely with many departments in our company, so having a positive team spirit is a must.

You need to check your attitude at the door and be the kind of person who knows to row in the same direction as everyone else. You will be evaluated on your knowledge, ability to close sales, and your positive and helpful spirit. We’ll train you in our computer system, Service Titan, so you can keep track of calls you need to make, calls to follow up on, and successful sales. 

When you’re ready to make some good money and work for a great company that’s been around since 1972 (and still growing), then the rest is on you. You just have to sell us on why you’re the one to sell (the right) things to our customers.


Ron Bott

President, Alaskan Air Conditioning and Heating

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