Welcome To Alaskan Air Conditioning - Applying For The HVAC Apprentice Installer in Tucson! Earn While You Learn. Position

Your path to making $60K+ starts here.


Come with no skills, and we will turn you into a pro. 

Even better… we will pay you to learn a new job.

Start learning a new skill.

I think you have what it takes.

At Alaskan AC, we are looking for diamonds in the rough.  Someone like you looking for someone to give you a chance and teach you something new.

We want you for our next Apprentice Installer. “Apprentice” means you’ll be under the guidance of an experienced pro.  One of our top techs, who knows the ropes and is making upwards of $80K+. 

You’ll pay attention.  Follow instructionsPass tests. Repeat.

This job goes beyond learning to be a good installer. You need to learn to be An Alaskan.

That means:

  • Treat our customers with respect.
  • Treat our customers’ homes with respect.
  •  Be better than on time.  Be early.
  •  Take pride in what you do.

It’s your turn to win.  For the eager apprentice, you can expect your pay to increase with your ability to learn.  But you’ll have more than just good pay. You’ll have…

  • Health, life, dental, vision, short and long-term disability insurance
  • 401k Plan with company matching
  • State-of-the-art tools, iPad, software, parts, and supplies
  • Lots of opportunities to grow within the company

Your ability, desire, and willingness to advance is important.  We expect you to grow. 

Our training program has been carefully created to take a person like you with limited or no knowledge of HVAC and advance you to a journeyman, a technical advisor, and eventually into our management program.  We built this for you to win.

Leave your attitude at home.  Don’t come thinking you’ll tell us how it’s done.  If you are used to doing as little as possible to get by, this isn’t the kind of job for you.  But if you have an open mind and are willing to pay attention and learn, this is the kind of place where you can make a long-lasting career.   When you learn to do it the Alaskan way, you’re sure to make great strides, and your pay will reflect that.  But remember, you have to be willing to learn.  You can’t skip a step. Your first test is right now.  When you apply for this job, tell us the answer to 9 X 4. It’s important that you do that, not because we care if you know math…but because we must be absolutely sure you know how to be thorough and follow directions.   If you can’t follow that simple step, don’t expect to get a call from us.

I want to help you with your new career and learn the skills that will make you proud of your work, and proud of your paycheck.  Our Alaskan team is a family. We work hard, we remember to laugh, and we celebrate when people like you become successful. 

Ready to join our team? You know what to do next.


Ron Bott

President, Alaskan Air Conditioning & Heating


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