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To provide small business management and entrepreneurial services for area business and industry and provide communities in the Southern Tech district with economic development assistance through training.  Market Southern Tech’s small business services, recruit participants, and emphasize how Southern Tech can enhance the organization’s economic growth and development.  Visit business communities, industry, and other private or public organizations, to create an awareness of the technology center services and establish professional rapport with the local business and industry leaders in the district.  Provide one-on-one consulting services that assist clients in improving small business productivity and viability.   Develop community and school district relationships that position Southern Tech as an active economic development resource for business and industry. 

 A.  Education and Experience:


1. Bachelor’s degree in an industry, business, or education related field or equivalent in quantified work-related experience and professional development required.

2. Minimum five years recent experience as a self-employed business owner, manager of small business, or other service focused on small business development.

3. Relevant ODCTE BIS certification preferred.

4. CPA Preferred.


B. Knowledge and Skills:


1. Computer literacy and proficiency with common and current Microsoft applications.

2. Ability to implement, facilitate, and complete multiple projects in a timely and efficient manner.

3. Function as an effective Southern Tech and CCD team player.

4. Ability to function professionally during high stress situations


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