Welcome To Joy of Living - Applying For The Housewares & Wine Manager Position

Job Purpose:

To initiate and incorporate the mission and vision of Ralph's Joy of Living while managing and motivating employees, creating a well stocked and visually stimulating sales area, and assisting in purchasing decisions of specialty foods and wines to enhance the success of Ralph's Joy of Living.

Essential Functions and Tasks:

1) Fulfills customer needs by applying professional sales techniques, knowledge, and communication skills to develop customer loyalty and maximize profitability in both Fremont and Tiffin.

2) Manages personnel utilizing strong human resource techniques and Ralph's Joy of Living practices/standards to create a well-trained staff knowledgeable in all job functions.

  • Helps to orientate and train personnel by applying Ralph's Joy of Living standards/policies, communication skills, POSim (POS) system, and educational resources to achieve a knowledgeable, efficient, effective, customer orientated sales staff.
  • Fosters and promotes communication using newsletters, store meetings, written and verbal communications, and interpersonal skills to enhance employee awareness and knowledge of Ralph's Joy of Living operations and culture.
  • Helps to create, plan and execute monthly store meetings and store event calendars 
  • Together with owners create, daily, weekly and monthly sales goals, and communicate these to the staff

3) Motivates personnel by applying interpersonal skills and educational and training resources to create enthusiasm, desire to sell, and job satisfaction.

  • Strives to create an open, trusting, and enjoyable team work environment that fosters the employee's desire to do their best work.
  • Educates and trains staff on proper opening/closing procedures. 
  • Inspires and promotes employee involvement and team empowerment by applying interpersonal skills and human resource techniques to increase employee satisfaction and sense of value to the organization.
  • Conveys excitement about Ralph's Joy of Living and its goals to employees in terms that they can understand and appreciate.

4) Creates and implements a well stocked, visually stimulating, and profitable retail climate.

*Analyzes product profitability by applying product location and display, inventory levels, and historical selling trends to maximize product potential.

*Displays merchandise using product analysis, logic and reasoning as needed.

* Uses the POS system and logic/reasoning to assist in the restocking of the sales floor daily

5) Assists in purchasing decisions and managing inventory using analysis of reports, customer demand information, staff input, and market trends to maximize profitability and customer needs.

6) Meets weekly with President, Operations Manager, and Bookkeeper to assist in strategic planning for the development of organizational goals, visions, and daily operations to achieve the mission and values of  Ralph's Joy of Living.

7) Conducts additional POS procedures (such as error corrections, employee purchases, reposts, etc.) by utilizing the POS system and Ralph's Joy of Living standards/policies as needed.

Other Responsibilities:

1) Performs other work-related duties as assigned

2)  Maintains a positive and respectful attitude.

3)  Demonstrates flexible and efficient time management and ability to prioritize workload

4)  Consistently reports to work on time prepared to perform duties of position.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Minimum 3 years retail or hospitality management experience.

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