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Forklift Driver is just the beginning...

WAIT! If you’re just looking for a short-term gig until something better comes along, this isn’t the job for you. We are looking for people we can train and support to learn new skills and become leaders in our company.

You’re driving down Queen Street on Saturday afternoon. Are you weaving through traffic only to be the first person waiting at the red light' Or are you staying in your lane'

You have a doctor’s appointment at 11. You get caught up in your favorite TV show and notice the time. Are you the person to show up 10 minutes late or 10 minutes early'

Your good friend needs a hand moving. Are you coming up with a really good excuse not to help or are you picking out the toppings for the pizza'

If you’re the second person, you’re OUR kind of person.

You are a person who cares about safety. A person who cares about their team. A person who cares about doing the job right, every time.

And that makes you a person we believe in.

If you weren’t amazing enough, you also…

  • Feel good bringing in the goods, and put out the product (on your forklift, obviously).
  • Communicate clearly with everyone you walk by (even if it’s just to say ‘hi, how are ya’).
  • Handle last-minute game-changers like a pro, because you’re all about being flexible.
  • Show up on time, every time.
  • Understand the art of sarcasm and maybe crack a good joke or two.

And the job doesn't end there! At Nahanni Steel Products we strive for continuous improvement. You'll be no different, bringing fresh eyes and new ideas to the table. We'll support you as you grow and develop new skills. After all, if you can build us a better table- we'll provide the tools.

If you’re an experienced Forklift Driver and you believe Nahanni would be a great workplace for you, here’s a bit on how we support our team:

  • Competitive wages and full-time hours.
  • Complete health & dental benefits.
  • Free on-site parking.
  • Casual attire, family atmosphere.
  • Social time like (ie. doughnut days, holiday parties, BBQs).

Whether you are just starting out or you are deep in the lift truck game- we are looking for YOU! After all, skills and experiences are teachable but having an award-winning personality isn’t. That's why we won’t tolerate uppity egos, negative nancie’s, unreliable roadsters or mouthy misters. This kind of job requires you to be on your toes, ready at a moment’s notice. Your first test is going to be how you apply for this position. When you apply for this job, make sure to include ‘Clark Kent: Man of Steel’ in the subject line. We’ll explain the relation once you get here, but you’ll never get here if you miss that first, easy step. Most goof this up, but you won’t!

So you know what we’re about- that we’re big believers in respect, honesty and doing what’s right.

We have a feeling you are too.

So what are you waiting for?


Sebastijan Zupanec

General Manager

Nahanni Steel Products

No agency contact or referrals please.

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