Welcome To Alaskan Air Conditioning - Applying For The Full Time Appointment Setter. Big-Time Pay! Position

Could you handle an extra paycheck? A really nice extra paycheck?

OK, stay with me here, because you’re going to start skimming this looking for “the catch.” But there isn’t one.  This is a big-boy/girl job that gets you some extra dollars and could start you on your way to a new career.

People are always telling you how easy you are to talk to and how well you get stuff done, so let’s take those natural traits and turn them into a paycheck.

When all those busy shoppers are asking HVAC questions at Home Depot, you get to solve their problems and get paid while doing it.  

You’ll love this job because:

  • You can have flexible hours.

  • You’ll start at $16/hour for training, and you could make it all the way up to $22/hour based on your success.

  • You’ll get to meet new friends every day.

Alaskan AC has been serving the area since 1972 and we keep growing.  Would you like to come along? We will show you a path to a full-time job that will be so fantastic, it’ll make your mother weep tears of joy for you.

But let’s start at the start.  You must be:

  • Friendly

  • Outgoing

  • Able to close the deal

  • Respectful of our customers

  • Able to get yourself to work 

  • The kind of person who takes pride in your appearance

  • The kind of person who knows how to hustle

You'll be standing on concrete for 6 hours at a time, you'll need to be physically able and willing.  

No lollygaggers and loiterers. We expect you to max out your bonus pay every month, and we are keen to pay you top dollar for your efforts.

I want to help you with your new career and learn the skills that will make you proud of your work, and proud of your paycheck. Our Alaskan team is a family. We work hard, we remember to laugh, and we celebrate when people like you become successful. 

Ready to join our team?  You know what to do next.


Ron Bott

President, Alaskan Air Conditioning & Heating

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