Welcome To Royal Plumbing - Applying For The Seeking Apprentice Plumbers Position

‘Just anybody’ is NOT you

“Just anybody” is NOT the person we’re looking for. When you join our team at Royal Plumbing, you’ll be given a crisp white Royal Plumbing shirt with your name stitched above the right pocket. You are not invisible. You are a valued member of the team. 

Today, you are eager to learn. You will do anything to reach your goal -- sweep floors, stack pipes, empty trash, and even stock bins. You’re hungry to listen, learn, and ask questions. We hold your undivided attention in training. You are as ready to wash your truck as you are to drive it. You’re also courteous, grateful, helpful, and kind. A real team player. 

You’re our kind of person.  

We all started as an apprentice on day one. Every day after that you’ll be working to become a Licensed Plumber. We love and champion Licensed Plumbers. We know how important your job is to keep our customers comfortable and safe. We enjoy taking our jobs seriously. It puts smiles on our faces. 

If your dream is to become a Licensed Plumber, then you should be smiling too! 

We want to help you as part of our team. 

As an Apprentice Plumber, you will receive: 

  • Paid training

  • Competitive pay

  • Clean uniforms

  • Paid vacation and holidays

  • Field experience

  • Opportunity for advancement

  • Powerfully valuable skilled trades

And with great power comes great responsibility. Licensed Plumbers protect the world’s more important asset - water. And we take our responsibility seriously. 


Would you? 


Being paid to learn is a rare opportunity. I know. That’s how I started. Bosses, co-workers, and even customers have taught me a lot. I’m still learning. 


If you have the desire to learn and the confidence to wear your name on our uniform, we want you on our team. 


David Havelka

Owner, Royal Plumbing

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