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·     Advise and assist present and former members of the Armed Forces of the United States, surviving spouses, parents, and their dependents in presenting claims or obtaining rights and/or benefits under any law of the United States, Ohio, and Cuyahoga County, including, but not limited to:

1.      Service-connected disability compensation claims

2.      Non-service related pension claims

3.      Widows’ benefits

4.      Eligibility Verification Report (EVR’s) (annual income questionnaire)

5.      Aid and Attendance/Housebound claims

6.      Notice of Disagreement

7.      Benefit appeals

8.      Upgrading of discharges

9.      Power of Attorney

10.  Grave markers, burial flags, and other burial benefits

11.  Indigent funerals

12.  Burial permits for County veterans’ section burial plots

13.  Educational benefits

14.  Vocational rehabilitation training

15.  Ohio War Orphans Scholarship

16.  GI loans

17.  High school diploma applications for World War II and Vietnam veterans lacking this certificate

18.  Ohio Veterans Home

19.  Application for military awards and medals to which the veteran is entitled, including new awards/medals that become available


·      Evaluate and determine validity of a claim by reviewing a client’s medical reports and service history in relation to governmental regulations, legislation, and precedent.

·         Confer, advise, prepare, and issue requests through the use of the DVA offices, State offices, and County offices within and out of Ohio, for documents such as public records (birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates) and military records (discharges, service history, DOD medical records).

·         Acts as a liaison between veterans/dependents and the DVA and national veteran service organizations.

·         Reports known and suspected cases of fraud and/or misrepresentation to the DVA and/or appropriate agency/office.

·         Attend various community/veteran/military functions in support of CCVSC goals and objectives.

·         Provide house calls to homebound veterans/spouses in support of the benefits application process.

·         Promote the services of the CCVSC at various community and professional group functions.

·         Performs clerical duties relative to job functions, such as filings, collecting statistics, etc.

·         Attend national, State, and veteran service organization Veteran Service Officer School to enhance job proficiency and required certifications.

·         Remains current in knowledge of legislation affecting veterans, DVA regulations, etc.

·         Conduct and adjudicate financial assistance applications for all clients as scheduled in daily caseload assignment.

·         Review documentation required from clients applying for financial assistance; organization and assembly of this documentation into an electronic file.

·         Review required documentation of banking, checking accounts, IRS forms, payroll information, credit card statements, etc., submitted by clients applying for financial assistance.  Review of client background documentation such as birth, marriage, adoption, divorce, and other legal materials.

·         Data entry of required client financial data into the CCVSC case management system.

·         Establish a veteran’s eligibility to apply for CCVSC financial assistance through a review of all relevant DD-214s submitted by the client.

·         Administration of indigent veteran funeral and burial benefits offered by the CCVSC, County, and federal Veterans Administration.

·         Review of indigent and non-indigent veteran applications and determination of eligibility for funeral and burial aid.  For qualified clients, formulation of recommendations for the amount of funeral/burial assistance to be awarded and presentation of these cases to the Executive Director for approval.

·         Implementation of Board policy and procedures relating to veteran funeral and burial assistance.







While this position will be based out of the CCVSC main office, the employee should anticipate potential assignment to satellite offices at Wade Park or the Parma CBOC, various Cleveland area homeless shelters, other sites that might be developed by the Commission and/or the CCVSC.  Assignment of the CVSO to one of these sites will be the decision of the Executive Director and Service Manager.  CVSOs are also required to staff CCVSC displays and exhibits at outreach events.  Failure to accept the assignment will result in the termination of the employee.






·         Note:  Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned to this position at the discretion of the Executive Director.  Activities defined in the above position description do not preclude or exempt the employee from performing other related or non-related duties as may be required to maintain an effectively functioning office.

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