Welcome To Gillespie Handyman - Applying For The Company Vehicle Optional- Handyman/Carpenter/Daytime Service $25-$50/h Position

If you enjoy applying your experience and skills to solve a wide variety of handyman repair and renovation challenges, we have a great opportunity for you. Our core team does the up-front coordination with clients so you can focus on and plan how to best complete the work. A mix of commercial and residential jobs adds interest to the days. A company vehicle included to get from job to job! 

We're looking for talented handymen to join our long standing and fast-growing team, working Monday to Friday, and forget about work for the weekends. A year round, full-time job with excellent support staff in the office and in the field.

We look forward to hearing from you.



What does it take'

• You have 10 years of experience and enjoy a mix of team and independent projects.

• You confidently maintain positive client relations, are comfortable discussing the scope of work and clarifying expectations.

• You have a substantial set of tools and a truck or van.

• You enjoy working as part of well-structured team with a proven approach.


About Gillespie Handyman Services

For 15 years, Gillespie Handyman Services has been serving commercial and residential customers in Ottawa and throughout the National Capital Region. We are a unique company in the market as our experience cuts across disciplines.


What sets us apart'

We pride ourselves on several core principles that we bring to work with us each and every day:

• We deliver premium service – both in the quality of our work, and our commitment to high-quality customer service;

• We work with clients every step of the way to deliver a solution that truly solves your needs – whether it’s a quick fix that just requires some know-how, or a larger project that you need completed on-time and on-budget;

• We go to their home or commercial location on their terms. We show up on time, we conduct ourselves professionally, and we meet their expectations without exception

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