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Detail Maniac Needed as Coordinator at a Family Heating & Air Company


All the presidents in your wallet face the same direction.

Your shirts are all arranged by color.

One extra look in the mirror.

Because for you, it’s gotta be right.

It’s not easy to find somebody who has a “thing” for organization, but something tells me you might be that somebody.  

We’re hiring an Install Coordinator at Alaskan AC.

We’re a busy company, and making sure our install team, equipment, and trucks find their way to our happy customers without mistakes is going to be your number one job.

As an Install Coordinator, you’ll organize, measure, and monitor installation KPI’s, keep the install teams informed, and schedule them to head out on a job.  It’s a daily game of chess where you need to think about one thing while writing down something else and talking to an install pro.

Sloppy-dressers, corner-cutters, and procrastinators are not welcome.

Sharp thinkers, problem-solvers, and expert-planners are strongly encouraged to apply.

You’ll start out at $17/hr…and when you show us you have forward-thinking instincts and organizational skills, you’ll be making up tp $20+hr in no time.

Plus, a whole hunk of benefits, including:

  • Health, life, dental, vision, short and long-term disability insurance
  • 401k Plan with company matching
  • State-of-the-art tools, iPad, software, and supplies
  • Lots of opportunities to grow in our company


Some of the things you’ll do during your workday:

  • Oversee the performance of Install Teams to ensure project quality, safety, and efficiency. 
  • Making sure the installations are progressing smoothly, safely, and on budget.
  • Oversee performance and customer satisfaction on a call-by-call basis on the phone, by messenger, and by email with team members and clients. 
  • Making sure all installation vehicles are properly stocked, maintained, and damage-free at all times.
  • Coordinate with the Warehouse Supervisor and Sheet Metal Manager to make sure we meet deadlines.
  • Complete installation project documentation accurately. 


Mostly, we need you to be on our team.  We need to trust you won’t need hand-holding, you’ll show up to work on time, and you won’t be Captain Complainer.


“Details” is the name of the game in everything we do at Alaskan AC.  Getting a new furnace or air conditioner means a disrupted day for our customers, so we spend extra time making sure it’s planned with precision.  If somebody is missing a part, or gets an address wrong, it can throw the whole job off and mean another disrupted day.  And because we’re particular about checking off all the boxes, your first employment test is in this paragraph.  When you reply to this job posting, you’ll need to write I’m a detail maniac in the subject line.  The non-detailed people will completely miss this part.  A smart cookie like you will follow instructions perfectly.


If you love:

Solving puzzles

Planning events

and coordinating schedules…


I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Ron Bott

President, Alaskan AC

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