Welcome To PRAXES Medical Group - Applying For The COVID-19 Testing Coordinator (Halifax Nova Scotia) Position

PRAXES is an innovative tele-medicine company, headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that is changing how medical care is delivered in Canada and in remote places around the world.  PRAXES is in growth mode, expanding our industrial client base to new markets in Canada and internationally. We have recently added COVID-19 Swab testing to our services, and we need a COVID-19 Testing Coordinator to manage, organize, and schedule these services.  

We have a detailed hiring process to make sure that anyone we hire is a good fit with our team and will align with PRAXES values, which are:

  • Be AGILE - Creative, evolving, adapting, curious, flexible, innovative, challenging status quo
  • Be EFFECTIVE - Deliver quality medical services that add real value for our customers, including patients, employers and healthcare providers.
  • Act with INTEGRITY - Have trusting, compassionate and caring relationships, with co-workers, partners, shareholders and patients. Do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

We are a 24/7 company, so we cannot have a '9 to 5' mentality. While our team members generally work regular business hours, there will be occasions where working outside of the conventional schedule will be required. We trust our staff to make best use of their time to manage the multiple demands of work and life, and with consideration for their colleagues and the needs of our clients.

Specific Requirements

  • Must be self-motivated, tenacious and resourceful
  • Organized and efficient; someone who loves managing the details, and doesn’t let anything fall through the cracks.    
  • Be flexible enough to know that in a small entrepreneurial business, priorities can shift immediately and often.
  • High energy, pleasant and helpful personality. 
  • Good communicator, in writing and in person.  Be patient, professional and helpful with customers at all times. 
  • Interested in healthcare and maintains a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Great with numbers, and knows at least the basics of Excel, word and willing to learn more.  
  • Loves to learn new technologies


  • “Whatever it takes” attitude
  • Passion - fire in the eyes
  • Team player but demonstrate ability to work autonomously
  • Detail oriented yet can grasp the big picture

 Knowledge and Skills:

  • Need to have:
    • Experience with Microsoft office suite (Word, PPT, and Excel)
    • Excellent customer service skills
    • Excellent time management and organizational skills
    • Excellent writing and communications skills
    • Experience in scheduling
  • Nice to have:
    • Medical Training – LPN, PCP, OT, etc.
    • French as a second language.
    • Own vehicle.


  • Under the supervision of the Clinic Manager, the COVID-19 Testing Coordinator will be responsible for:
    • Responding to customer enquiries on the phone and by email.
    • Assisting customers in booking their appointment times as required.
    • Booking appointments for larger groups of workers.
    • Coordinating available times with external service providers.
    • Preparing swabs and paperwork for each swab test.
    • Delivering swabs to the lab (when required).
    • Assist with the delivery of medical services in the field (when required).

This is a FULL-TIME CONTRACT position, for an estimated 6 months, located in Halifax Nova Scotia.   May be extended if needed.   Hourly Rate is $20.00/hour.  





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