Welcome To No Bull RV - Applying For The Digital/Social Marketing Video Person Position

Looking for a Digital/Social Marketing Video Person 


We need someone bursting with talent, looking for an opportunity to prove what they can do. Is that you? A fast-paced company on an upward trajectory is wondering if you're kind of weird? 


We market unconventionally and aggressively using mass and online media, and this is where you might fit in. 


You'll learn how marketing works in real-time – that's what you really want, isn't it? Like we said, if you fit in here. 


You'll sit in on bi-weekly Zoom meetings with some of the most BRILLIANT marketing minds in North America. They call themselves Wizards. You'll get a taste of what it looks like where the rubber meets the road, and magic happens. 


I want to hear your REAL CRAZY ideas – you know – the ones you want to try out and prove they work. 


I won't lie; you need to work quickly and hit deadlines. The real world is on time and speed count. 


You'll help create video storyboards. 

You'll be behind the camera. 

• You don't have to be a film student, but you will shoot and edit videos and post them on social. 

• Photograph products, organize them into folders and share them with the reps. 

Post to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

Post Kijiji ads 

Add products to our website. 

Assist with our online presence 


Do you have a keen eye for photographic and video layout? 

Do you own a Mac? Or do you think PCs are better? 


If you're the one we're looking for, place the word #wagyu in the subject line when you send in your resume. 


Once you get a feel for our culture & goals, you'll be encouraged to develop ideas & spread your wings. 


You'll end up learning HOW merchandising and presentation REALLY works and, most importantly, how to measure success. 


Best of all, you'll help develop and systemize an ACTUAL real-life in-house online marketing department in a local company rather than just theory. 


We have an opening. 


What we don't have is you. 


Are you coming? 


Send Your resume to rshowers@telus.net 


This full-time position has starting pay of $20/hr. 

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