Welcome To Geringer Group, Inc. - Applying For The Chief Experience and Results Officer Position

We don’t need you, we want YOU!

Part-time position (to start) for someone who loves to serve and create a great experience for others.  The right-fit person loves to help other people get where they intend to go; and get results. Someone who is proactive and has the take charge strategic mind of an Executive, but with broader responsibilities, and who wants to make a real difference in people’s lives.  This person also wants to have skin in the game and get rewarded for doing a great job and achieving business development results.  Yep, we’re looking for a unicorn.

  1. Build and Maintain Trust of John Geringer (John) and his 3to5 Club and Board Clients, Prospects, Centers of Influence (aka Lumberjacks), and Team Members; as they perform numerous hospitality, administrative, customer service, and business development functions.
  2. Proactive, driven, upbeat, detailed, administrative, results oriented. I won’t manage you; you will manage yourself, the experience and the process.
  3. Some event coordinating duties.
  4. Unlimited Business Development opportunities 


Compensation is negotiable.


Who are we?

Geringer Group, Inc. is a boutique Business Owner/Executive Advisory Firm. We Connect, Coach, and Advise Business Owners to help them THRIVE!  We help start-up to ultra-high net worth Business Owners in the U.S. Build a Mature Business and achieve their Ideal Life.  A life where they have the time, money, and meaning that they intend.  A life they love.  A life where they are using their Unique Ability to love and serve others.  Do the activities they love; with the people they love to do them with; and have the highest probability of achieving their goals that require money and planning to achieve.

3to5 Clubs and Board – Part of Your Focus Will Be on This Part of the Business

We are building a 3to5 Club for 24 stage 1-5 business owners at a time here in the Denver Tech. Center (DTC), We are also building a 3to5 Board in DTC of 12 stage 5-7 business owners.

We don’t want to educate them; we want to change their lives and help them build businesses that create freedom for them to live their Ideal Lifestyle.

We also Coach and Advise a finite number of Business Owners, and/or their Teams to help them get where they intend to go, faster. 

Our Core Values

We believe in stakeholders who are sold out to what they’re doing, not employees who punch clocks. No one is an employee. Everyone is a stakeholder because we only want people who will put a stake in the ground and “own” their work, not just do it. Employees have to be told what to do, stakeholders are proactive and make the job better.

We value:

  • Love
  • Serving (not selling)
  • Gratitude
  • Humility
  • Inspiring others
  • Igniting others
  • Connection and Connecting
  • Abundant Mindset


You will primarily work remotely.  And be in-person at our office in DTC (3) times per month.  And on an ad hoc basis. 

Who are you?

You are a fit if:

  1. You are in alignment with our core values
  2. You love to make other peoples’ lives easier
  3. You are looking for a company where you will make a significant impact for a very long time as an important and equal team member, not as a simple “worker”
  4. You are highly proactive and highly detail oriented
  5. You have a great grasp of American English both spoken and written
  6. You like a fluid, growing, expanding organization that is small, but growing.
  7. You enjoy meaningful work, a focus on RESULTS, love creating a great experience for others, detailed administrative work, that you have to manage yourself, sometimes working very closely with other Stakeholders (people who are highly committed), and many times completely on your own with no one watching you,
  8. You are proficient in the Microsoft Word and Excel
  9. You are proficient editing PowerPoint decks
  10. You are good with numbers
  11. You are personable and professional
  12. You like to have fun
  13. You are responsive
  14. You only need to be asked once
  15. You meet or beat deadlines consistently
  16. You are resourceful
  17. You enjoy helping us all figure out how to get there,


If this sounds like you then…

We could be a good fit for each other. We need you to be a self-managed individual who will TELL US what needs to happen. Once you learn the job, we want you thinking ahead of us, keeping John in the highest and best use of his time.  Making suggestions for how to improve and asserting yourself as one of the leaders in our company. We have no room for followers – we all lead from our areas of expertise, and we want that from you as well.

The ideal candidate has a high sense of urgency, a love for the details, and LOVES to make other people’s lives easier. An ability to run systems and the desire to figure out processes and make things run smoothly. THESE ARE NOT JUST WORDS IN AN AD – we need you to be these things, and we’re excited that you bring that to our team!

The ideal candidate loves to serve others and make THEM successful - this is what leaders do, and people deeply respect them for that serving/leading approach to life. They will serve others most through creating a great experience in group and individual meetings, researching business development opportunities, tackling the administrative, some scheduling and planning, and helping build relationships with clients through regular interaction. This is a position for someone who wants to make meaning, not just money, and have an ongoing impact in the lives of business owners.

This person doesn’t have a need to draw attention to themselves, but they probably will, simply because they enjoy being helpful and have a sense of urgency about creating a great experience, scheduling, details, processes, and keeping leaders happy and moving forward. They can’t help themselves; they are always paying attention to the needs of others. They look at what is going on, see the hole that needs to be filled, and figures out how to fill it.

They are infectiously positive, which is very different than getting excited about shiny objects or chasing squirrels. They are not easily distracted by a constant stream of “new things” but are very focused on seeing what they can do to help people get from where they are, to where they intend to go.

Sincerity is their hallmark, and it comes out in a sincere interest in others as part of a core Geringer Group success strategy we believe in… “You can have everything you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

This person lives in a world of abundance with the mindset, “How can I make you successful?” not in a world of scarcity (there is only so much to go around, so I better get mine before I help you get yours.) 


Responsibilities include:

1) Living Out Our Eight Core Values

2) Living out our Vision statement – Be my best (unique) self.  Connect, Coach, and Advise, to Help Others Thrive, for God’s Glory

3) Living out our Mission statement – We Connect, Coach and Advise to help top self-made Business Owner Families Thrive, for eternity.

4) The mindset of an “owner”. We are all “Stakeholders” (fully committed and engaged staff), and no matter how many hours you spend with us, you’re as much a part of what we do as anyone. You need to have that mindset – you are an incredibly valuable part of our team and our clients will get to know you and lean on you to help them.

5) The mindset of a self-starter – We’re not looking for someone who needs to be told what to do, when to show up, what time recess is, and when they can go home. We’re looking for someone who is a self-managed, self-motivated individual who knows what RESULT we want, and enjoys taking the bull by the horns to get it done, without being watched, managed or directed. There are no managers at Geringer Group, and none of us “manage” each other. We all work together in community to get things done, and we need someone who will join us as an equal team member, not as an “underling” or employee/child.

6) Serving our Clients, Prospects, Lumberjacks, and John – THIS IS THE MAIN FOCUS OF YOUR ROLE.

a. Create a great experience for 3 to 5 Club/Board Leaders, Members, and Guests; and help keep John in his highest and best use of time.  At times you’ll help 3to5 Club/Board leaders. You need to lead them in your areas or expertise. Once you are trained, these leaders will need you to proactively stay ahead of events, schedules, and meetings, and provide them what they need without them asking you. If they are having to remind you to do things (after you are trained), you are not the right fit. You need to remind THEM of what is coming next. You’re in charge of the schedule – a very responsible position. This is the MAJOR focus of your responsibilities.  This should be 80% to 90% of your responsibilities. 

b. Managing Meetings and Events – John serves as Facilitator for (2) 3 to 5 Club and (1) 3 to 5 Board meetings per month. You will proactively manage the marketing and coordination of these meetings and events – sending out multiple emails so Members and Guests have what they need to have the best experience possible. John cannot be the ones reminding you to do these. Scheduled marketing pushes – you MUST be the one leading and managing these tasks, including aggressively going after the Team to get you the information you need to create the next piece you’re working on. This is a highly structured process that you will be very comfortable running, but you MUST run it yourself, and drive it to completion. This will be 10-20% of your responsibilities.

7) Systems and Process Mindset – You will be given a system of how to do the various aspects of your job. You need to be able to work with that system, and once you learn it, YOU will decide how to improve your system. YOU WON’T HAVE A MANAGER. We want you to be thinking about how to make things more efficient while still serving our leaders in the best way possible.

8) Performing a range of simple to sometimes complex office work - entering contact info, working with spreadsheets, calculations for accounts receivable, tweaking PowerPoint presentations, updating flyers, and changes, improvements, or organization of our content documents.

9) Working with word documents, spreadsheets, presentation software, a little bit of time on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter.

10) Business Development – You have the opportunity to help with serving our Members and Guests through One to One’s.  To see how we can help them get where they intend to go faster.  And when it will serve them, and help them get where they intend to go faster, offering for our Guests to become Members of the 3to5 Club or 3to5 Board, and helping them to have a great onboarding and Membership experience.  And through this you have the opportunity to have skin in the game and incentive compensation.   

11) Results-Based work ethic – we don’t watch clocks. We all know what result we need to get and are focused on that. When that result is achieved, we go home. And no one decides for us when to do that – we’re all adults who figure it out based on the required result. However, in your position, we will need you to be available for a significant portion of our workday, Colorado time (Mountain Time).

12) Pay – will be commensurate with the talents, initiative and motivation you bring to the position. We won’t let pay stand in the way of getting the right person.

13) Acting as if you own the company – Again, you won’t have a manager. You will take initiative and ownership, make decisions with input from your team, think ahead and be proactive (we don’t need “reactive”). You will work with others to constantly make things better and deliver better products and services every day

14) Strategic mind for developing and running processes – we’re a very process driven company. People aren’t told what to do – we agree together what result we want and then we want you to figure out what process will work best for you to get that result. We will want you to run existing processes and make them better, and figure out when we need a new one – then make it happen. 

We don’t need to see your resume yet. Please do not send it. And please do not call.

This is a two-way interview. You need to interview us to see if you want to work here. Here’s a lot more about us to help you with that process:




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