Welcome To Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission - Applying For The Quality Assurance Coordinator Position

Quality Improvement (Primary Responsibility)

·         Responsible for reviewing completed VA Service Claims and identifying areas for quality improvement.

·         Responsible for notifying employees and supervisor of errors as they are identified (preferably within 48 hours).

·         Responsible for tracking errors to identify trends.

·         Responsible for identifying when problems are individual or systemic (involving more than a few individuals).


TRAINING (Secondary Responsibility)

·         Administers training program for all new employees as outlined in appropriate onboarding timeline.

·         Conducts regular training assessments during new hire onboarding.

·         Maintains appropriate tracking of all new employee training requirements.

·         Notifies manager of upcoming hard evaluation deadlines during onboarding phase.

·         Prepares training as required to fill quality improvement gaps.

·         Coordinates all accreditation training, including but not limited to registrations, coordinating hotel payments, etc.

·         Coordinate submission and tracking of all cross-accreditations.

·         Maintain tracking of re-certifications and points required/received to maintain accreditations.


General Responsibilities

·         Responsible for developing battle rhythm to appropriately balance competing priorities.

·         Responsible for the creation and maintenance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for position.

·         Attends and successfully completes all training and continuing education courses as directed.

·         Provide back-up support for other Quality Assurance Coordinator as requested.


Future: APPEALS (Tertiary Responsibility)

·         Build and administer a process for representing Veterans in appeals for VA Claims.

·         Attend Certified Veteran Advocate training as requested.


·         Establish a committee of experienced CVSO’s to discuss Veteran appeals and develop/execute decided course of action. 




·         Note:  Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned to this position at the discretion of the Executive Director.  Activities defined in the above position description do not preclude or exempt the employee from performing other related or non-related duties as may be required to maintain an effectively functioning office.



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