Welcome To Alaskan Air Conditioning - Applying For The Human Resource Manager Position

The Person Who Helps Our People.  Human Resources.


Between management and staff, between department and department, there needs to be one person who can help balance it all out.


I think that’s you.  Our new Human Resources person.


We’re a heating and air conditioning company in Phoenix, and we’re busy.


What we need is somebody in the middle.  Somebody who can strike a balance between compassion and compliance. The kind of person people can vent to if something isn’t going right.  And the type of person who knows why there are rules.


This is a family business, and it’s important to me people feel like family.  In all families, there will be disagreements.  But when the day ends, we should come together and have each other’s back.


Your duties will include:


  • Onboarding:  Ensuring new hires get the proper training.

  • Payroll:  Making sure our folks are getting paid what they earned.

  • Compliance:  Everything from our internal policies and government rules are followed.

  • Mediation:  You should be able to find a happy middle when there are disputes while standing firm on the rules and values that make us who we are.


We’re a business that’s here to make money, but more importantly, we’re here to help.  We help our customers when they’re uncomfortable, and we help our team members become successful.  You’re a big part of that.


You should have the heart of den mother or coach.

You should have the discipline of a traffic cop or judge.


You ought to be the common bridge between all of our employees.


The right person for this job will be earning $60 to $80K, plus these great benefits:

  • Health, life, dental, vision, short and long-term disability insurance
  • 401k Plan with company matching
  • Up to date tools and software
  • Opportunities to grow in our company

You should have experience, training, and certification.  You ought to have a big heart and be unmistakably organized.  You should be able to have tough conversations when its needed and be a trusted confidant when asked.  You should be able to look at what We Believe (see our website) and see yourself in those words.  And you have to pay attention to details.  Because there are details.  People working practically all hours.  Inventory moving constantly.  Jobs that are unique to our industry.  And dozens of different personalities.  Before we even have a conversation about your new job, I’d like you to put the words traffic cop in the subject line.  It’s your first test to see if your eyes are on the prize.  Lazy scanners will miss this little detail…but I’m confident you will not.


I think you’re going to really like working here.

The right kinda person always sticks around.


Ready to get to work?  Let’s get after it.


Ron Bott
Owner/Alaskan AC

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