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This position is supported through the Careers in Sustainability program, a joint initiative of the Nova Scotia Innovation Hub and IGNITE. Wage subsidies are available for candidates who are unemployed, getting less than full-time hours, or are getting full-time hours in a low-wage or precarious position. Email ryan.duff@bioapplied.com if you're unsure of your eligibility, or visit www.careersinsustainability.ca to learn more.

Company Background 

Oberland Agriscience is a Halifax-based agribusiness that is tackling the challenge of global food  insecurity by transforming organic waste into innovative products by rearing the black soldier  fly. These products include a high-quality protein ingredient for sustainable pet foods, live  feeders for pets such as lizards and frogs, as well as a speciality fertilizer. 

In its pilot farm on the outskirts of Halifax, pre-consumer organics are diverted to an indoor  farm that is thousands of times more productive at protein production than a traditional land based farm. 

The Role 

The Processing and Packaging Technician is a full time position within the Oberland team  (Oberlanders) responsible for processing, drying, grinding and packaging of the full suite of  Oberland (www.oberlandagriscience.com) and Obie’s Worms (www.obiesworms.com)  products. 

The duties of the Processing and Packaging Technician will include these and other production related tasks: 

a) Bi-weekly large scale larvae processing and drying 

b) Feed processing and quality monitoring of feed lots 

c) Packaging and labeling Obie’s Worms live feeders 

d) Processing, packaging and labeling for dried products 

e) Processing, packaging and labelling for frass products 

f) Maintaining a clean workspace 

g) Preparation of ingredients/additives for starter cultures 

Specific qualifications required: 

High school diploma  

Interest in working in a sustainable, B-Corp, zero-waste environment Manufacturing or processing experience is an asset 

Previous experience working in a regulated environment is an asset (for example in a  GMP or CFIA approved facility) 

Excellent written and verbal communications skills  

Ability to work in a fast-paced start-up environment. 

Understanding of and ability to adhere to Safety Policies including the proper use of PPE  and other safety equipment

Given the requirements for Oberland to be a GMP Feed Mill facility and seek CFIA Feed Mill  approval, all Oberlanders including the Processing and Packaging Technician adhere to standard  operating procedures, wash down procedures and other quality measures as required under  Oberland’s Quality Management System. 

The Processing and Packaging role requires an ability to work independently as well as part of a  cooperative team. The Processing and Packaging technician works collaboratively with the  Custom Service Representative and Rearing Technicians as well.  


Oberland is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace and provides a robust Health and  Benefits Plan as well as Professional Development Program to all Oberlanders. 

Closing Date: July 31, 2021


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