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Who you are

You are known as a professional Executive Assistant and as someone who gets things done. You know what is needed and are always two steps ahead of the person you support. You have worked within a company that has been through hyper-growth and loved it. You can balance different projects while finding tactics to make yourself and others more efficient.  You've built a reputation for being the go-to person when something needs fixing—if you don't know the answer, you know how to find it. You're looking for a big challenge that holds big opportunities— you will find at T-RAIL.

As the Executive Assistant to Lisa, the CEO at T-RAIL, you'll be her right hand. You'll manage responsibilities in areas like daily communications and logistics, work with T-RAIL’s leadership team, support key initiatives directly and indirectly by drafting documents and presentations, taking the first shot at tasks, and often simply saying, "I've got this". At the same time, you'll constantly identify opportunities to improve efficiency and make everything run a little bit smoother. Your get-it-done attitude will support the execution of cross-company initiatives. You will work with a wide range of stakeholders, giving you broad exposure across the business.

Executive Assistant Responsibilities

In this role will be working closely with, and supporting, Lisa daily.

In this role, you will:

  • Provide daily tactical support for the CEO, making sure she knows not just what meetings she has that day, and also making sure that she's got time carved in her calendar to prepare for tomorrow's meetings with pre-reading.
  • You'll handle first drafts and run the projects behind Lisa's takeaways and action items, prepare reports and write communications—all without being asked.
  • Expand Lisa's strategic capacity—using your deep understanding of the company and its goals to ensure Lisa's time is being spent on the highest priority needs.
  • You'll make sure you're aligned so that commitments don't get dropped, relationships are built and strengthened, and capacity is increased with ease.
  • Run with tasks with limited direction, knowing when you've got it and when you need an extra set of eyes.
  • Put your exceptional communication skills to use by managing our CEO's calls and messages, preparing for meetings, and responding to requests from a range of stakeholders, ensuring that everyone has the key information they need to make informed decisions.
  • Coordinate Lisa’s travel and personal commitments.
  • Write news releases and content for the website and keep it updated, and update key social media platforms and other partner communication for T-RAIL and Lisa.
  • Support key priorities, tracking and executing to-dos, and reporting on impact and success.
  • Be trusted to take on special projects as needed, which may span different areas of the business—from projects focusing on operations and logistics to leadership development and international growth.

To be successful in this role, you likely:

  • Be eager to learn and grow—you likely hold a Bachelor's or Master's degree in business or communications or have significant professional experience in a similar role, and you continue to seek opportunities to level up your skills.
  • Possess 3-5 years of professional experience with a history of growth and advancement while working closely to support stakeholders and executives.
  • Have worked and thrived in a fast-paced environment with many “moving parts”.
  • Combine your business expertise and impeccable communication skills—you can confidently navigate interactions with a wide range of stakeholders, whether that's through emails, a report, or even an unscheduled phone call.
  • Have outstanding project management skills and be able to identify new tools. You use Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Microsoft Office 365 products and know them like the back of your hand.  
  • Approach your work with ownership and a hands-on mentality—you're comfortable with working on strategic projects and with managing emails and meeting requests.
  • Skillfully and tactfully manage expectations—you're not afraid to passionately debate and are comfortable saying "no" when you need to.
  • Demonstrate strong data acumen—you can crunch data in your sleep, navigate Excel with your eyes closed, and (more importantly!) can derive valuable, relevant, and actionable insights that drive clear business decisions

    You might be the person we're looking for if you:
  • Are independent and a self-starter. You don't need a blueprint to get started on a project and when you come across a question you don't know the answer to, you work to find the answers for yourself.
  • You consider yourself to be highly adaptable. You can take on new projects in different areas of the business and work to develop a clear understanding of things that may be new to you.
  • Expertly turn ideas and strategies into plans of action and then implement them. You're known as someone who can be trusted to get things done at an exceptional level of quality.
  • Can quickly build strong relationships to become a trusted advisor to the leadership team, know how to get buy-in from stakeholders, and quickly build influence across the entire business.
  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit. You have the drive to take the initiative to get things done.
  • Own a presentable vehicle and valid driver’s license with a stellar driving record.


$60,000 Base Salary plus up to $20,000 in Bonuses

Full medical and dental benefits

Three (3) weeks holidays (2 max a time)

Plus additional company benefits


Who we are:

T-RAIL Products Inc. is Canada's RAIL Source Solutions Leader since 2000. With a commitment to the sustainable growth of Canada's transport sector, T-RAIL partners with large corporations to short line railways to deliver innovative RAIL solutions that serve the economy, the environment, and communities. T-RAIL invites input towards solutions from employees, partners, and sectors to strengthen the Canadian RAIL network.

Lisa is the founder of T-RAIL with over twenty years in the industry. She is a winner of the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2014 and currently serves on the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers, and WCRA West Coast Railway Association. She believes that every situation can be WIN-WIN for those involved. She is unwavering in the belief that industry has the tools to create a positive impact on the environment, economy, and society. RAILWAY is GREEN, SAFE and promotes the distribution of resources to grow the global economy.

Located in Surrey, T-RAIL is proud to be an inclusive company with a diverse team and values grounded in ethics and equality.

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