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POSITION CODE: September 7th - December 23rd  2021

Position: NS based Coop Student- Marketing & Communications Co-Ordinator


Nova Scotia's Automotive Sector Council (ASC)is an industry driven, not-for-profit organization with a staff of 5 people. ASC creates solutions and makes connections with industry, government, and community partners. We provide leadership in human resource best practices, labour market information and workforce development strategies for Nova Scotia's automotive service and repair employers. We facilitate the co-development and implementation of projects and resources to help employers navigate the path to growth and sustainability. More information on ASC can be found at www.AutomotiveSectorCouncil.ca


The Nova Scotia based Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator will report to the Executive Director and Operations Manager while utilizing and further building public relations and marketing skills by working collaboratively with ASC staff and industry partners though our already developed Marketing Plan.   The fall term is an exciting and innovative period for the Council as we continue to develop and launch a Motive Power Career Portal, an online learning tool ASC Marketplace, Pathways to Success, a training program and Recognizing Prior Learning for Tire and Maintenance Technician. All these projects have been incorporated into the Marketing plan where this candidate will employ their skills and creativity to launch the Marketing Strategy for all projects.



Using marketing skills and public relations theory to:

  • Create promotion/communication items for projects & initiatives from ASC Marketing Plan
  • Strengthen communication and relationship with the automotive industry and ASC partners & continue to build an accurate database for ASC and RGDA
  • Launch ASC Marketing Strategy for each project utilizing various multimedia outlets to promote ASC projects
    • Utilize social media daily to increase ASC presence in social media; evaluate for effectiveness and reach and compile data
    • Create and edit articles for national and provincial industry online publications 
  • Build and evaluate awareness of projects through ASC marketing strategies with industry and partners
    • Report on Marketing and Reach for individual Projects
    • Update Marketing Plan based on evaluation data
    • Present Marketing Plans to Industry partners for reporting purposes and strategize collaboratively to improve marketing materials according to evaluation and feedback
  • Participate in ASC activities such as team meetings, project meetings and Board meetings


Public Relation/Marketing Co-op Student who has the:                               

  • Ability to work with numerous partners and audiences which is key to the success
  • Strong leadership with ability to work independently and accomplish program outcomes under specific criteria and timelines
  • Has strong internet connections and is able to work remotely
  • Strong writing, oral communication and public speaking skills
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Advanced knowledge of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc…


Learning Outcomes:

Upon the completion of the co-op work term, the successful candidate will:

  • Successfully implement a multi project Marketing Plan
  • Develop an understanding of the role of sector councils in growing the NS economy
  • Increase familiarity with using NS LMI and with promoting and understanding the programs under Labour and Advanced Education and NS Apprenticeship
  • Increase awareness of human resources practices and workforce development strategies
  • Become familiar with working efficiently and effectively within a strategic plan and in an environment where all staff multi task to achieve outcomes of plan
  • Develop multiple soft skills which include: multi-tasking, problem solving and working with diverse partner groups (staff, partners and industry)
  • Become familiar with using project management ASANA software, Sales Force CRM , Qualtrics Survey Software, Motive Power Career  Portal and other multimedia platforms
  • Develop a network of contacts throughout the province and nationally
  • Develop communication skills by using various forms of communication with a diverse population including rural NS with employers who may not use current technologies
  • Increase level of comfort in completing public speaking and interviewing
  • Further develop written communication skills for business
  • Experience utilizing social media for professional, workplace outcomes and purposes of gathering data and communication with employers
  • Build one’s own professional network for future employment & Enhance one’s own portfolio.


Dates:              September 7 – December 23rd, 2021

Salary:             $15/hour 

Location:        Remote with – 35-hour work week 

       Automotive Sector Council of NS

PO Box 171

Dartmouth NS

B2Y 3Y3

Telephone: (902) 464-0168

Fax: (902) 464-0168

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