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Account Manager wanted – for hard work, being able to deal with the plan you ‘think’ you have for the day totally changing at the drop of a hat, varying hours (sometimes), long hours (other times), not as much wage as you’re worth, lots of project work and the chance to help grow a marketing firm beyond its wildest dreams into the largest marketing agency in Canada.  

We don’t like bullshit. We like real shit. We love spreadsheets. We love laughter, growing, challenging assumptions and each other. We actually do continuous improvement and don’t have shame attacks over it. Mistakes can be glorious things.  

We want someone experienced. Who can juggle well-executed spreadsheets and clients with aplomb.  

Oh yeah, and you have to love this province like it’s the one thing you’d take out of your house in a fire. Which means it’s pretty important that you live in – or super near – to Regina and have connections here.  

Let us be clear, it is a contract position. Let’s say that again to make sure it gets through – this is a contract position. We think about 30 hours a week (for now), but there is room to grow because we are as busy as all get out.  

We have the kind of culture that people talk about on their cool, sexy, aspirational corporate websites, but ours actually exists in real life. We are a flexible workplace, which means sure, start at 10 after you’ve done a workout...or end at two to paint your spare room, or take Mondays off to work on your own projects. Go for it, but make sure you have your stuff done and the team is updated. We had everything set up to be a virtual office before that-which-shall-not-be-named happened, so working from home is a snap or you can see who’s physically heading into our workspace at PATH co-work, depending on where you’re at. 

You will be responsible for: 

  • Making sure projects are input into our management software 
  • Adding project notes and client updates 
  • Supporting strategists in executing plans and checking off to-dos 
  • Ensuring client communication is top priority 
  • Other office-y tasks 
  • Sometimes some marketing-y tasks too, like monitoring social channels, or proofing design work 

You must: 

  • Have a proven ability to stay organized and diligent in tracking information 
  • Be comfortable holding others accountable
  • Be comfortable taking on work without a clear path on how to execute
  • Be open and willing to learn
  • Be kind
  • Be an adult. Adults get their shit done. 

Education & Experience: 

  • Proficient with Word & Excel, Google docs/sheets 
  • Proven ability to learn new software 
  • 3+ years in an office setting with competing deadlines and priorities 
  • An undergraduate degree or secondary education or relevant experience 
  • Experience in marketing is truly helpful 
  • Experience in being awesome, a necessity 
  • Social media savviness, a bonus 

PS – if you do have marketing or agency experience, we are happy to hear from you. That is a plum. Please outline your experience in account management in your cover letter. 

Applicants must have a valid driver's licence, live in Regina (or really, really near to this fine place), access to a vehicle, must be eligible to work in Canada, must live in Regina, and must be able to laugh at themselves. 

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