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$10K Bonus for Puzzle Solving Diagnostic Technician

Nobody likes watching mystery movies with you because you always figure it out.

You seem to know the solution before somebody asks you a question.

And if something is really tricky…that’s where you shine like the sun.


Braxton Automotive is looking for a puzzle solver. We promise our customers we’re

going to get it right the first time through…and it all begins with you, our new

Diagnostic Technician.


But having smarts and skills isn’t going to get you in the door. At our company, we

expect kindness, gratitude, and teamwork. Folks have been fired for treating

somebody disrespectfully.


If you can’t be on time…be early. If you can’t do either, don’t bother.

You need to be able to drive an oscilloscope. Know what to do with multimeters and

amp probes. Understand advanced electrical diagnostic techniques. You need to be

able to pinpoint the failure…not just rely on fault codes.


If you’re the one able to step up and do the job, we have a $10,000 signing bonus for

you. We’ll even move you to town if you’re really that good.


You’ll be making between $100K and $160K/year, plus:

  • A 401K plan with matching
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Holidays off
  • Plus, ongoing training provided

Braxton is a family business, and that means we love working with family people. We

don’t work weekends, and we want you taking your vacation time to be with your family.

We want our customers confident when they drop off their car…we will figure out what’s

needed and fix it. Not just fixed…but FIX Fixed.


Ready to crack some puzzles with us?


Let’s talk.


Steve Braxton
Braxton Automotive

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