Welcome To Michael Scott Landscaping & Design - Applying For The Landscape Construction Foreperson (2024 Season) Position


Reports to: General Manager, President

Works Daily with: Lead Hand, Team Members

The Position Background:

Our Forepersons are the most dependable, motivated members of our Landscape Construction team. This key person is the ‘go to’ for ensuring customer requests are completed in a timely and professional manner, both efficiently and effectively. They are aligned with who we are and where we are going as a company. At MSL, our Forepersons have a keen eye for detail and are passionate about Landscape Construction excellence and are proud members of our Team.

The Construction Forepersons’ Role:

Our Forepersons supervise and collaborate well with their team to ensure that our services are delivered efficiently, effectively and to our standard of detailed attention. They coordinate the team, the tools/equipment and materials they use. Our Foreperson is trusted by their team, works and directs others fairly, safely and clearly and is an excellent client service ambassador. They excel at carefully reporting on work activities so that our office, sales, billing department and our customers are connected with timely and accurate information. They are eager to continually improve and are willing and capable to mentor and inspire others to hone their technical skills.

The Construction Forepersons’ Responsibilities Are:

  • Proactive and diligent attention to policies, safety/PPE compliance and equipment care and ensures the same diligence and care from team members.
  • Accurate tracking of daily activities of self and team using the LMN platform or as required.
  • Proactive and clear communication of the daily scope/tasks with team, office, customers and estimator (when req’d) in a fast-paced environment.
  • Sets an efficient /effective workflow and schedule for people and equipment to ensure delivery on scope, budget and quality.
  • Deploys craftsman-like talent to constructing landscape elements and trains, motivates team members to continually improve their skills, accuracy, attention to detail and pace.
  • Effectively manages resources: load/unload, daily preparedness, fuel, tools, equipment/service reporting.
  • Uses the Checklist for Project Set up, Execution and Closeout to ensure details are properly covered. (Appendix A)

The Results We See From A Great Construction Foreperson:

  • An engaged, properly trained, safe working team with excellent attendance rates, pace, care of equipment and quality workmanship.
  • Timely and accurate flow of information between clients, staff and the office so that invoicing, payables and payroll are correct.
  • Team is fully equipped to succeed: Task info, attention to detail, required pace, customer clarity, required materials are at hand.
  • Well-built landscape features and projects are delivered on the budgeted targets, with an absence of quality related call-backs.
  • Team members show up, are eager to learn broader and deeper skills, and respond well to the Forepersons leadership.
  • Yard inventory, tools and equipment, trucks/trailers are well organized and kept tidy with minimal down-time.
  • A team player who continually adds competencies and/or seeks to diversify his/her role within the company.

The Qualifications:

  • Solid communication skills – verbal, written, cloud based, app/ desktop, smart phone applications (English
  • 3-5 years experience with specific materials, methods, tools and equipment required to complete landscape/construction elements
  • Proven team leadership ability from previous work experience
  • Ability to read blueprints and specifications, interpreting those details into efficient tasks
  • A clean drivers’ abstract with G Licence. Class D, A (R) plus Z is an asset. Ability to tow and back up truck and trailer
  • Valid First Aid Certificate

Construction Forepersons’ Required Skills:

  • Professional level of landscape construction site management skills, and equipment proficiency (skidsteer, loader, laser level/transit, power saws, excavator etc)
  • Professional level skills working with and installing all landscape construction materials and processes.
  • Proven ability to self-organize, thinking proactively and ahead of the pace.
  • Proven ability and talent to teach and mentor others with patience, achieving positive outcomes.
  • Ability and willingness to learn and to be adaptable.
  • Ability to safely and carefully operate all equipment as required and effectively train others to do the same.

The Construction Forepersons’ Personal Traits:

  • Passionate about working outside and building landscapes.
  • Confident, proactive and a natural problem solver
  • Enjoys the challenge of learning new skills, leading and mentoring others
  • Respectful (to others, of policies, with equipment)
  • Enjoys an active lifestyle and being physically fit

Hours of Work / Work Conditions:

  • April through November: Mon-Fri 7am – 5:30pm (50+ Hrs/week)
  • Requires good manual dexterity, excellent fitness and stamina (for the duration of each shift/week)
  • Able to move around on uneven ground, kneel, crouch, bend, reach, lift and carry for prolonged periods throughout the day
  • Ability to work with hand tools, power tools, small engine equipment, heavy equipment, and materials
  • Work outdoors in various conditions including heat and humidity, rain, dust, noise, and cold
  • Willing and available to work out-of-town if required

Equipment Operation / Tool Competency List
Specific tools include:
Excavator (mini and medium), Skidsteer/Bobcat, Articulating Loader
Various gas powered hand tools (Quick cut/chain saws, plate tampers, blower etc),
Zip Level / Laser Transit, grading tools
All landscape related hand tools

Our Core Values are:
Good Attitude – personal fulfillment, humour, tolerance, adaptability and respect
Professionalism – perception, customer relations
Excellence – workmanship, clean site, etc.
Satisfaction – customer emotionally satisfied, you are proud of your work
Progress – Innovation, new markets, change with trends

Our Culture
Our business is built on respect and we strive to support the dignity of our employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders. We are only successful when our customers receive the highest quality service and our employees have opportunities to achieve their goals and use their potential.

Salary & Benefits

  • $29.00-$40+ per hour
  • Overtime Paid after 44 hours
  • No Weekend Work
  • Paid Training and Development
  • Bonus Pay
  • RSP Match Program after one season of employment

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