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Forestry Machine Operator Program 

The forest industry in Nova Scotia needs new equipment operators 

If you are interested in... 

·       Working outdoors in a 'team' environment;

·       The challenge of working independently and important decison making;

·       Working with heavy equipment; 

·       Learning best practices for managing forests and protecting the environment; 

·       Living in a rural community with opportunities for advancement; 


...a dynamic and skilled career as a forestry machine operator may be right for you!! 

The Program 

The forestry machine operator training program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as mechanized forest equipment operators. The specialized nature of forest harvesting equipment requires skilled operators with a focus on safe, environmentally sustainable, and viable commercial operations. 

Following a comprehensive application and evaluation process, successful students will participate in three key phases over the course of the 25-week program; this includes: 

Forestry 101 (5 weeks)

An in-class component to introduce forestry and logging fundamentals, machine types and work environments, preventative maintenance approaches, machine productivity, and other key forestry knowledge. These concepts are delivered through a series of sessions, hands-on exercises, and includes training on equipment simulators.

Basic Training (5 weeks)

Actual 'seat-time' with one-on-one instruction on live harvesting equipment.  Each candidate will be provided operating time on a harvester and forwarder over the five-week training period and will learn about safe and efficient operating techniques, on-board computers, and maintenance best practices.  

Advanced Equipment Operation Training (up to 15 weeks)

Graduates of the basic training component will be hired by a harvesting contractor to work as a member of their team, where they will receive further ‘on-the-job’ instruction and coaching from professional training providers. 

Students will be eligible for funding to cover specific expenses incurred during certain phases of the program.


What is Timber Harvesting All About?

Logging contractors are small businesses with most employing fewer than ten people and a few multi-crew operations employing fifty or more. Some are integrated, full-service operations whereas some may specialize in areas such as thinning or in-woods chipping operations.  

Logging is time sensitive! A conventional workday begins early in the morning, often just before sunrise, and ends after a full day's work. Most shifts are 10-12 hours in length.

Globally, demand for forest products is growing. Construction materials, paper products, and packaging supplies are derived from harvested timber, as are a wide variety of consumer goods, such as tissue and even food ingredients for products like cheese!

The people who harvest, process, and transport timber --forestry contractors and machine operators-- make it all possible. Take a step to become a skilled forestry machine operator NOW! 

Training is scheduled to start on March 14, 2022 and will be located in Truro, NS for the first 10 weeks and then will move to on-the-job training with participating forestry contractors from across Nova Scotia. There are eight seats available and applications are being accepted until all seats are filled.

More information about this opportunity can be obtained by sending an e-mail to admin@cwfcof.org or by calling 902 897 6961.



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