Welcome To Barker & Sons Plumbing & Rooter - Applying For The Hiring Skilled Plumbers Position

 We value your skills, abilities, and knowledge. 

And we know you can work wherever you want to right now. 

And we know you're reading this because you're thinking about a change. 

So, let's start off on the right foot. 

If you're our kind of person, and we are the kind of company you'd be proud to represent, we'll pay you a $5,000 signing bonus

And we'll keep you busy enough to make a great living. 

And free enough to catch your kid's baseball game. 

Are you talented enough to run your own show, but you just don't want or need the headaches that come with finding, managing, and servicing all the leads?

Are you looking to put in a solid day's work, and leave all the businessy nonsense to us?

We love champions like you who had enough of the "hustle" but still want to make a great living with less stress.

We need people like you to teach our next generation of plumbers how to do things right, not just good enough. 

We honor the essential service provider because we know how hard it is to do what you do...we've been where you are.

If you hate settling for "good enough", we want you.  

If your boss exhausts you just thinking about him, we want you. 

If you are a humble superstar that is comfortable and confident offering customers their best options when you see a way to help them, we need you to consider allowing us to clone you.

If you see a job through until it is completely fixed and just right for the customer, we love you.  

Plumbing is a lot easier when all you have to do is the plumbing.  

Remember how much easier life was when you were out crushing it in the field? 

Putting your hands and your head to work each day. 

It was satisfying, right?!

Your professional confidence (and competence) allowing you to present options to best solve a customer's problems and make great money along the way. 

Jump in your truck, and get to the next SNAFU. 

There's so much to be said for a solid day's work. 

Knowing you made a difference, one job at a time. 

There is a lot of support at Barker and Sons. 

Barker & Sons Plumbing & Rooter has designed our entire business around you. The professional plumber. 

The dependable, confident, capable, and caring essential service providers. 

You have loads of options. We get it.

You know you will make 6-figures here because we have the products, selection, services, and systems to make your life easier.

Frankly, if you're not comfortably crushing 6 figures, you're not going to be the right fit for us given the volume and quality of leads you are going to be provided. 

We have all the leads we could ask for, and more. Our biggest job is to get you out to the BEST opportunities at each call. 

We have a brand that attracts the kind of customers that are interested in doing something today and are willing to pay a reasonable premium for convenience and a world-class buying experience.  

And that made you smile. 

Because that's what you believe in too. 

It takes a tribe to deliver a world-class buying experience. 

And it takes a happy, healthy, wealthy culture to WANT to deliver that experience. 

We do great work because we have great people. We believe in YOU.  

That means we do NOT have time for No Show Nick's, Lazy Larry's, or Angry Al's. 

No need to apply if you're not a superstar plumber and a superstar person. 

We're only looking for happy, hard-working, hands-on, and hungry leaders for our organization.   

This opportunity LITERALLY ONLY EXISTS for those that we genuinely believe will someday be leaders in our organization. 

At Barker and Sons we are always working really hard to make it about you, the Plumber. 

We have all the perks you'd expect, including: 

  • Health, Vision, Dental and Life insurance
  • 401(k) plan with company matching
  • Paid holidays and paid time off
  • Onboarding and ongoing training and development
  • All the tools of the trade

...and a whole bunch more. 

The real question is, are you ready to abandon the bad boss, the stress, or the endless battle to find and service QUALITY leads?

If your heart is saying yes, come join me at Barker & Sons. It's your time to take control of your destiny. 


Mike Barker
Barker & Sons Plumbing & Rooter

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