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Royal Standard Landscaping is a relationship-centered residential lawn and garden maintenance service operating throughout Toronto. We recognize we are in the business of cultivating trust and relationships one garden at a time.

Job Title: Communicative and Collaborative Residential Toronto Garden Maintenance Team Member

Season: April - December

Summary Description: Team members are expected to provide comprehensive seasonal lawn and garden care of residential properties on a weekly basis with a positive and professional attitude. At Royal Standard Landscaping a positive attitude means eagerly engaging the day's schedule work as well as seeing unexpected challenges as opportunities to develop team cooperation, collaboration, and creativity.

Tasks and Responsibilities: Attendance at the shop at the open and close of each day is what engagement looks like at Royal Standard Landscaping. Weekly attendance and engaged participation in Tuesday morning team meetings is part of being on the Royal Standard team.

Landscape gardeners are responsible for: patterned lawn mowing, controlled line trimming, mindful blowing, attentive hedge trimming, purposeful pruning, knowledgeable weeding, clean edging, gentle cultivating, appropriate plant care (staking, dead-heading, thinning, etc.), Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and basic equipment and vehicle maintenance.

Minor Functions: Team members are also expected to: help clean the shop and truck, receive orders at the shop, and source job materials at suppliers within the city (Home Depot, Sheridan Nurseries, etc.).

Assist with Other Jobs: When necessary, team members are expected to willingly help with planting (annuals, perennials, small trees, and shrubs)and garden installation projects (removals, mulching, soiling, gravel/stones), deliver vehicles and equipment for repair and maintenance, and water and care for nursery stock at the shop.

Qualifications: A valid G driver’s license is required. Industry certification is advantageous but non-essential.

Skill Requirements: Team members must be able to contribute to a team of two or more members. At Royal Standard Landscaping contributing means being able to share ideas, resolve conflict, and problem solve while either on a large property or shoulder to shoulder in a truck. They must be willing to receive constructive criticism as direction while working under time constraints. Their communication skills need to be excellent; both clear verbally and as active listeners. They are expected to be competent and comfortable operating all essential equipment (push lawn mowers, line trimmers, backpack blowers, and hedge trimmers). Plant material knowledge is a massive asset.

Experience: Industry experience preferred, but willing to train all aspects of the position with a long term (3 Year) commitment to Royal Standard Landscaping. Personal

Characteristics: Team members must be: punctual, committed to peer supported quality work, able to provide patient and polite customer service, engaged, curious, honest, trustworthy, team players capable of working independently, accountable, and responsible.

Physical Requirements: Team members must be physically fit. At Royal Standard this means being able to touch your toes and lift 22 kg. They must have both the willingness and endurance to work ten plus hour days in the: heat, cold, sun, snow, wind and rain without complaint. Expect to be bruised, scratched, cut, windburned, sunburned, and sore. Team members strive to support others and safely push themselves to reach new physical capabilities.

Emotional Requirements: Royal Standard Landscaping favours emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills) over experience and traditional IQ. The ability to embrace and celebrate a fastidious attention to detail and client expectations is essential. Team members will demonstrate flexibility when new initiatives and requests are introduced. They will show resilience with monotonous and repetitive work while simultaneously embracing frequent and unexpected change to routines. They will contribute enthusiasm, confidence, and optimism to the team. Employees are encouraged to make their own decisions as soon as possible in their work activities.

Quantity and Quality Requirements: Weekly completion of assigned properties and tasks combined with bi-monthly performance reviews.

Work Hours: Approx 50

Days off per Week: 2

Other Benefits: Paid lunch, paid travel between locations, observed but unpaid statutory holidays, three days of unpaid holiday, weekend work is generally avoided, access to career development through Landscape Ontario winter training seminars for returning employees.

Work Environment: The day begins at 7:00 AM at our shop near Ossington and Bloor (10-15 min walk from Ossington Stn), loading equipment and planning the day. Serving a large client list guarantees much of the landscape gardener’s day is spent traveling in a truck. It also means frequently getting in and out of those vehicles. Team members are encouraged to express themselves openly and respectfully at the shop, in those trucks, and on the properties without fear of offending their co-workers. The majority of the time is spent out of doors, working in the elements. The days can be: dirty, hot, cold, dusty, dry, smelly, and wet. It is the team members responsibility to come prepared to work in those conditions. We use public washrooms and eat lunch in our vehicles or in public parks. The day ends on average between 4:00-5:00 PM in the shop unloading equipment, strategizing for the next day, and planning for any larger upcoming projects.

Job Type: Full-time

Wage: $17.00-$20.00 per hour

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