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Snowplow Operator

Reports to:    ¨ Owner    ¨ Operations Manager


The Snowplow operator is responsible for the safe and productive operation of trucks, skid steers, loaders with mounted snow plows or pushers for the purpose of controlling snow and ice accumulations on jobsites.  Snowplow operators are expected to be available 24hrs/day, 7 days/week at any time a snow or ice event occurs on their sites.  Snowplow operators are also responsible for excellent recordkeeping of their work including accurate times, dates, equipment inspections, site/service logs, and weather reporting. 

Core Capabilities:

§  Customer and quality focus

§  Effective communication skills (both verbal and written)

§  Teamwork

§  Excellent problem-solving abilities

§  Responsibility and dependability

§  Ethics and integrity

 Job Duties: 

§  Respond promptly to calls for snow and ice events

§  Prepare and show up for shifts free from the influence of any drugs, alcohol, or medicines that have an effect on safe and productive equipment operation

§  Conduct pre-shift inspections and maintenance on all vehicles and equipment

§  Clear snow from customer sites from designated areas (marked on site maps)

§  Pile snow in designated and approved locations only

§  Operate vehicles and snowplow equipment in a safe, responsible and efficient manner.

§  Control ice accumulations at jobsites with the safe and responsible use of de-icing agents (salt, treated salt, liquids or other de-icing chemicals)

§  Hand-shovel or hand-treat site areas as required (walkways, doorways, fire equipment, etc.)

§  Be available for communication at all times during a shift and before/after shifts

§  Accurately document site service records.

§  Submit paperwork and documentation promptly at the end of each shift

§  Perform basic maintenance and small repairs on vehicles and equipment as required


§  Completion of high school

§   Available all working hours, including nights, weekend, and holiday work

§  Valid drivers’ license and/or equipment operators’ certificate(s)

§  Safe driving record – able to submit a driver’s abstract (infractions history) upon request

§  Minimum 2 years of experience operating snowplows and/or snowplow equipment

§  Ability to read and interpret maps

§  Documentation knowledge of: driver logbook; pre-trip and post-trip inspections; maintenance and repair reports; and trip reports

§  Physically fit with strong stamina

§  Ability to follow safe working procedures

§  Excellent observation skills and a strong attention to detail

§  Good analytical and problem-solving skills

§  Effective communication skills (both verbal and written)

§  Ability to work both independently with little supervision, and as part of a team

§  Speak, read, and write English

§  Carry and use a smart phone or data-enabled device for communication and reporting

Work Conditions: 

§  Various locations including both residential and commercial sites

§  Ability to lift a minimum of 50 lbs. repeatedly

§  Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

§  Work safely near heavy equipment and other vehicles on a regular basis

§  Work outdoors in various conditions including extreme cold, rain, dust, noise, and wet conditions

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