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Roofs are so much more than asphalt shingles today!

Today we have beatiful color, style, and quality that require a Designer's touch.

Precision Roof Crafters LOVES diversity in the trades. 

We believe different experiences, perspectives, and critical thinking makes for amazing results. Come one, come all, short or tall. We have a great place to work and a lucrative opportunity to offer you!

Business is BOOMING, and Precision Roof Crafters needs to keep up with demand.

Our most successful salespeople make bank -- a healthy 6-figures annually. 

Want to know how? 


Like any of the great actors, they know what to say to make the ethical sale, and deliver their message beautifully every time. 

We aren’t just schlepping roof replacements though. 


We believe in servicing gently worn roofs before trying to close the “big sale”. This makes for a much safer and friendlier sales environment, as we help people win in a trustworthy and grateful manner. 

Do you believe in saving people thousands of dollars if you can? 

Do you love to sell like this, too? 

I thought so. That’s why I like you so much. 

When we do sell a new roof, we don’t stop at shingles, either.

No sir. No ma’am. 

We are Precision Roof Crafters. 

That means we sell a broad selection of asphalt, metal, composite, synthetic, stone, and standing seam products. 

Flat roofs, pitched roofs, copper domes. We sell it all! (we will even do thatched roofs). 

This means you have a monstrous competitive advantage over the competition. 

Did you know certain roof applications actually increase the value of the home? We sell those roofs too, cause it only makes dollars when it makes sense. 

And roofing in the harsh Houston climate is an essential service. 

Are you ready to serve a higher purpose? 

And get paid well to do so?

I knew I liked you. 


  • We know we’ll go farther together than alone. We’ve got your back. 
  • It’s our job to help you be successful in your job. 
    • That means tools, training, and hands-on experience without the fear, shame, and guilt when you make mistakes. 
  • Uncapped earning potential, selling way more than replacement roofs. 
    • We sell safety, protection, and comfort. 
    • We sell repairs, then replacements. 
    • We sell happy. 
  • Work full-time, year-round while enjoying flexible work hours. 
  • A company vehicle is provided for salespeople with a clean driving record. 
  • We have all the expected health benefits, but not-the-crappy health benefits. 
    • you get high-quality medical, dental, and vision. 
  • And the training. Let me tell you about the training!
    • Grant Cardone's sales training is world-class. There isn’t anything that compares. You’ll be a sales assassin in no time. 
    • Best-in-class training with CertainPath helps us deliver what we promise with industry benchmarks and best practices. There’s nothing left to guesswork here. 
    • With such a brilliant variety of products, we provide ongoing manufacturer certification training so you are confident and competent out in the field.
    • Don’t know the building codes? No problem. We’ll teach you.
  • Precision Roof Crafters is growing and we love promoting from within. 
    • Career growth opportunities are abundant for those that live the Precision Roof Crafters way. 
  • Want to be a part of something bigger than you?
    • We provide profit sharing for our tenured team members who have helped us make a difference in so many people’s lives. 

People love roofing design because it gets them out of the office, allowing them to flex both their persuasion muscles and their thinking skills. 

You are up and out in the fresh air, staying fit, and chasing opportunities. So much fun!

Our 'good' designers earn $75K per year, but our 'best ' designers are making a healthy six figures annually. Follow our lead and learn how we do things the Precision way, and you'll be making bank in no time.

Are you a happy person looking to do the right thing for people? 

Do you want to have fun making great money? 

Do you have a work ethic and internal drive to be proud of? 

I thought so. That’s why we think you’d be a great fit at Precision Roof Crafters. 

There’s only one thing left to do. 

SMASH that APPLY button. It’s time to meet your future!

I’m looking forward to meeting you. 

Hish Rahman
Precision Roof Crafters


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