Welcome To Precision Roof Crafters - Applying For The Roofing Specialist Position

Business is BOOMING, and Precision Roof Crafters needs to add to our Sales Team to keep up with orders. 

You’ve seen the headlines; with the price of homes skyrocketing, homeowners are improving what they already own, or preparing to sell and turn a profit. Part of that inspection list will be a healthy roof. That’s where we could use your “special set of skills”, you smooth-talker, you.

If you’re ready to GROW YOUR INCOME, we want to welcome you to the team at Precision Roof Crafters.

The best part?  YOU DON’T NEED ANY EXPERIENCE IN THE ROOFING INDUSTRY. In fact, we prefer someone anxious to learn the business and sell the “Precision Way.” Plus, we PAY you while you’re in training!   This isn’t a “job.” It’s a CAREER OPPORTUNITY.


  • A supportive team environment.
  • If there’s something you don’t have that we can provide (paid training, tools, mentoring, advice, encouragement), you’ll get it.
  • The opportunity to sell more than a roof; you’re selling protection and security for families.
  • Full-time work, all year.
  • The opportunity to get out of the cubicle to meet homeowners, advising them on their options and making recommendations as our representative.

Need a flexible work schedule? We’ve got you. Profit-sharing? It’s one of the bonuses our long-time team members love about us!

You could easily earn $75,000 per year, although some of our sales team have earned six-figures if you follow our lead and learn how we do things the Precision way.

Job Summary

The Roofing Specialist is responsible for diagnosing roofing and roof-related problems, perform inspections on new roofs and roof renovations, maintain and perform preventive maintenance for all types of roofs, while ensuring the safety of the staff, and general public regarding the grounds and buildings. This role requires good communication skills and knowledge in all types of roofing systems, applications, and code requirements.



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