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Selling with the Heart of a Helper

Nobody likes a salesman, but everybody needs to buy things.

This logical problem has goofed up businesses for ages. Too much “selling,” too little helping.

But you’re the type who puts “helping” first.

You couldn’t sleep right if you sold somebody something they didn’t need, just to make a buck.

You ask questions. Good questions.


We should talk soon…because Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning needs your skills and good instincts.

We’re looking for a person to help our customers choose the right system to keep their house comfortable.

“Help them choose.”

No arm twisting. No slick tricks.

We’ve built our business on finding solutions to problems, and we need you to be that kind of person, too. We’re looking for somebody who knows the equipment and knows houses. You should be able to do a thorough assessment of a home and know how to ask thoughtful questions of the homeowner. Then, and only then, you should present clear options to help them solve their problem.

And that's why we do things a bit differently. We don't have salespeople here. We have Sales Managers. We want Technicians doing what they do best -- technical stuff. And we want you doing what you do best -- selling stuff. 

We don't have Comfort Advisors and salespeople, we have Quality Assurance Managers. That's you. You'll be responsible for helping buyers buy, whether it's the repair or the new unit. It will be your responsibility to champion your Technicians, work one-on-one with customers, and close deals. 

This will ensure we are giving the very best service to all of our customers and helping them win in a trustworthy and grateful manner. 

For the right person, here’s what we offer:

  • If you're good, you can make $75K
  • The ones who really get it are making $250K or more!
  • Great health insurance with low deductibles, plus dental, and vision available
  • Up-to-date equipment, including iPads
  • The snappiest looking trucks in town
  • Regular training and education to make you more successful every day
  • Work schedules that don’t take you away from family time
  • Lots of leads to keep you busy
  • Professional uniforms so you look as professional as you truly are
  • Free-flowing coffee and the finest selection of snacks (if we do say so ourselves)

In return, you agree to get to work on time. You bring your helper’s heart to every job.

You show your best manners and respect for our customers. You pay close attention to the little details, no corner-cutting. And you play nice with others (we’re a team and it takes lots of people to make this work).

In a town our size, a company can live or die on its reputation. We’re not going to hire just anybody…we’re going to make sure you’re the kind of person with our kind of values. We’ve been at this a long time, and we can spot the real deal from the fakers.

We know what it takes to be a superstar, and we know when somebody’s not going to make it. If you’re going to send us your application, I want you to put the words "I’m Your Helper" in the subject line. This is the first test you need to pass before we’ll even chat. Most people will scan past that important instruction, and that’s how we’ll know if you’re serious or not. Seriously. We won’t even open the email if that’s missing.

We’ve built a solid company over the years, and I think you’re going to be the next super sales star to make a great living at Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning.

You’re gonna really be proud working here.

Let’s talk!

Linda and Mack Chambers
Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning

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