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A Plumber installs, repairs, and maintains piping systems, fixtures and other plumbing equipment used for water distribution, drainage and waste disposal. Specifically, a Plumber:

  • lays out, assembles, installs, maintains and repairs piping, fixtures and other components for the supply or disposal of water for any domestic or industrial purpose
  • connects any appliance that uses water
  • installs the piping for any process, including the conveyance of gas, or any tubing for a pneumatic or air-handling system
  • reads and understands design drawings, manufacturers’ literature and installation diagrams for piping and appliances.

Plumber is a regulated trade in Ontario. Qualified individuals may obtain a Certificate of Qualification, which confirms its holder has the skills, knowledge and experience that meet industry standards of practice for the trade.

Qualified Plumbers and apprentices must be listed on the Skilled Trades Ontario Public Register.

In Ontario, the trade is part of the Interprovincial Red Seal Program – the national standard for the trade across Canada:  www.red-seal.ca.

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