Welcome To SONAE - Applying For The Digital Area Manager Position

Being part of the Digital Team, you will be responsible for bringing insights and reflection on digital trends and weak signals of change to different audiences and depth, within Sonae. Your role will be to inform, inspire and ignite action for the future.

You will engage with several internal teams and external partners to build research, bring external inspiration and challenge the companies' perspectives on what the future holds. You'll report to the Head of Digital.


You are expected to:

  • Challenge the vision for the area
  • Formulate the implementation strategy and roadmap
  • Deliver the defined actions in coordination with other teams and partners
  • Conduct research and use the best approach to make it useful
  • Hold and use a good network of peers


Does this sound good? Our perfect candidate must…

  • Be curious, challenging and engaging
  • Be enthusiast and knowledgeable about technology
  • Have good research and communication skills, translating complex subjects in simple words
  • Be strong in structured and logical thinking
  • Have a good network of startups, entrepreneurs, innovators, big tech…
  • Have business acumen
  • Have a drive to action
  • Be fluent in English
  • Have a degree in engineering or management (or any other field, if the experience is relevant)
  • Have a background in one or many of the following areas: consulting, innovation, academic research, technology

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