Welcome To Bench Automotive Inc - Applying For The Automotive Service Technician-Mechanic Position


As with all roles in our organization, this role is of utmost importance in reflecting our values as a company.  The following attributes will be even more important with this role to ensure our values are radiated at the customer level:


  • Role
    • Red Seal Interprovincial Licensed Automotive Technician
    • Possess excellent diagnostic skills, extensive electrical knowledge
    • Ability to use wheel alignment and tire equipment
    • Experience with larger projects
    • Welding experience
    • Current MVI license
    • AC Green Card
    • Computer savvy
    • Experience with diagnostic and repair procedure software as well as the ability to navigate the front-end operating system
    • Ability to take direction well, but also able to work autonomously and make decisions based on your experience keeping the customer’s and businesses best interest in mind.
    • Be customer oriented and can present themselves in a business-like and professional manner


  • Productivity
    • Ultimately, your role will be to maximize your productivity in the shop while maintaining shop repair integrity.


  • Repair Orders
    • Repair orders should be complete before handed to the manager for final review.
      • Mileage
      • MVI date
      • Customer info
        • Name, address, phone number, and email
        • If this is not on the repair order, please inform the manager with written notes on your copy of the repair order
        • Vehicle info
          • Same goes with this, if a VIN or plate number is missing, please inform the manager so it can be updated.
        • Repair notes and recommendations
        • All work orders to be submitted to manager for review.


  • Safety
    • Your role is to ensure all staff are working safely and our environment is safe. This includes wearing and utilizing all PPE.  Any deficiencies are to be reported to the service manager immediately.
  • Personal hygiene and appearance
    • In your role, you will routinely be customer facing and need to be neat and tidy at all times. Clean uniforms are provided to you.  Please refrain from wearing other company attire. 


  • Shop image
    • Your role will be to ensure that the shop is extremely tidy (as time allows) and inform service manager of any items that are getting low in inventory. All tooling should be put away daily and bay tidied. 


  • Customer vehicles
    • Ensure you are road testing with clean hands, and protective coverings. It is important to leave the car just as we found it in appearance.  Any fingerprints or grease marks are to be cleaned before handing keys to the service manager.
  • Training


  • OEM and generic training will be offered as courses are presented.
    • It is imperative that we stay on task and assist others as required.
  • 3-month probation period
  • Maintain minimum 90% average productivity (7.2 hrs billed per day in an 8-hour day)
    • 2-week grace period to allow you to adjust to our environment and major projects excluded

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