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Talent Pipeline Management Workforce Development Specialist

Nampa, Idaho

Contract Position

Current opening, available for immediate placement

Contract Description:

Idaho Manufacturing Alliance is looking for a Workforce Development Specialist to manage the Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) program for Manufacturing in the state of Idaho by facilitating efforts to lead the TPM workforce training initiative and to ensure the program aligns with the training needs of the manufacturing industry, IMA members and employers.

Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) is a program initiated in 2014 by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation to address workforce development needs across the United State in emergent industries. TPM applies six step-by-step data-driven supply chain management strategies to analyze projected need, growth, and education and workforce partnerships. This methodology boasts an end-to-end framework for organizing talent pipelines to address current and future needs of employers. Here, employers serve as ‘end-customers’ of a ‘talent supply chain’ by determining their most critical workforce needs, communicating those needs to trusted partners, managing and improving performance, and creating return on investment for employers.

The TPM framework empowers employers to strategize in industry-led collaboratives, provides strategies for regarding common workforce needs, organize and share data, and proactively engage talent-sourcing providers – including education and training institutions – to build high-performing internal and external pipelines that create shared value and measurable returns for all stakeholders. The TPM Academy trains state and local leaders, business associations, employers, and economic development agencies to drive partnerships with their education and training providers based on need.


  • Bring TPM awareness to the manufacturing industry across the state of Idaho
  • Strengthen connections within and between local education, employers, work-based learning activities, economic development and workforce development
  • Communicate resources and strategies of the TPM program
  • Work with stakeholders to address workforce needs quickly by collaborating on employer led talent pipeline solutions
  • Work with stakeholders to build upskill pathways for existing workers
  • Use TPM structure process to develop and coordinate across employers
  • Provide analysis on talent inflows and outflows from preferred partners
  • Support the development of grants and incentive that support internal and external talent pipeline development for the manufacturing industry
  • Provide research and data on critical growth sectors in manufacturing and projected new and replacement job openings in these sectors and related skill requirements
  • Facilitate and convene regular meetings with the stakeholders


This position will:

  • Report to IMA – Director of Workforce Initiatives
  • Operate independently as a contractor to accomplish the goals of IMA via the TPM framework


  • Bachelor’s degree or Equivalent in Business Administration or related experience
  • Experience in Workforce Development is helpful
  • Facilitation, negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience in collaborating with interest groups to find mutual purpose, compromise and shared results
  • Presentation skills with public speaking
  • The ability to influence to shared outcomes
  • End-to-end project management, including scope, goals, work plans, timelines, and implementation strategies
  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis
  • Ability to quickly grasp organizational and workforce structures and processes in a variety of organizations

Preferred Experience/Qualifications:

  • Has completed or will complete TPM Academy training
  • Ability to create collaboration across industry, government and education partners
  • Steady leadership to accomplish group objectives
  • Ability to document information and transfer knowledge
  • A wide and varied network of contacts in Idaho
  • Ability to expand network through cold-calls to introduce the program and persuade participation
  • Ability to inspire decision makers and build consensus

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