Welcome To Zen Air - Applying For The HVAC Sales Manager Atlanta Position

You know HVAC Sales and Service inside and out but you just aren’t living up to your potential where you are today. 

Maybe you’re an HVAC Sales Manager or Inside Sales Rep with handcuffs. 

Maybe you’re an HVAC Comfort Advisor or Selling Tech with no opportunity for growth.

Maybe you know what you have to offer, and you’re looking for a place that has a better work/life balance.  

What I do know is that you are ready, able, and willing to crush it, if you were just given the right opportunity. 


You just found it. 


Zen Air™ gets it. 

That’s why we want to do things differently. 

Instead of expecting our Techs to sell, we want YOU to handle it. 

That means service repairs, new unit sales, scheduled maintenance, and IAQ products. The whole shebang. 

Controlling the sale from a hand off by the tech to the close. 

Are you good at closing the sale? 

Are you comfortable with selling premium solutions? 

Are you good at building the best solutions? 

Are you already trying to help customers find their Zen? 

Nobody likes buying HVAC stuff, but you know exactly how to overcome this resistance. 

You’re not pushy, but when you’ve determined the right solution, you sure are cheerfully persistent!

Zen Air brings the chill back to our customer’s homes. 

We feng shui the stress, anxiety, and frustration away for our customers. 

We know that making things convenient, fast, and safe at a fair premium is the best way to help our customers win. 

Our Techs are solid, but people who sell, I mean really sell, are cut from a different cloth.

While our Techs are in tune with the equipment, you are in tune with people. 

Now working at Zen Air is not for the faint of heart. We are a lively bunch. Lots of characters. All good people at their core, but unapologetically cheeky and a bit irreverent at times.  

You down with a crowd like this? 

We are super passionate about bringing Zen back to our customers. Sometimes that gets us a little riled up. We want to do it RIGHT the FIRST TIME

Do you want to get it right the first time? 


We’re a growing company and we need you to build it together with us. 

Are you ready for the challenge? 

There’s just one last thing you’ve gotta do. 

Smash that apply button. 

It’s time to level up!

I’m looking forward to meeting you.




Eddie McDonald
Zen Air™ Heating & Cooling


The Perks and Benefits:

  • All the expected PTO
  • 401k with matching
  • A flexible schedule
  • Not the crappy Health Plan
  • All the typical tools and tech for the trade
  • Plenty of training and development opportunities
  • A whack load of leads
  • A team to help set up the opportunities onsite

UnCapped Performance Pay: 

  • $70,000.00 - $150,000+++ annually

Job Type: 

  • Full-time

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