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Job Title: Landscape Labourer

Position: Permanent Full-Time

Department: Parkway Gardens Landscaping

Reports To: Landscape Operations Manager and Landscape Lead Hand


Job Description

This position is responsible for conducting landscape jobs and contributes to the combined effort of excellent customer service for Parkway Gardens Landscaping. The Landscape Labourer will be required to work in a team and operate a variety of tools and equipment to carry out specific job tasks.


Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Carry out time-sensitive project activities and ensure that instructions are followed, deadlines are met, and schedules are maintained
  2. Operate and assist in the maintenance of equipment
  3. Actively practice and monitor safety procedures, ensuring all employees are wearing personal protective equipment at all times 
  4. Implement the Landscape Designer’s design on clientele property
  5. Go to clientele properties and construct walkways, patios, walls, fences, decks, etc.
  6. Plant a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers and maintain clientele gardens and lawns
  7. Transport required raw materials using a large assortment of landscaping equipment
  8. Complete other responsibilities and tasks as assigned by management 



  • Degree in agriculture or horticultural field or related field 
  • 1+ years of experience in the landscaping industry
  • Must have a valid G class Ontario drivers license 
  • Exceptional attention to detail, organization and time management skills
  • Strong teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent problem solving skills 
  • Strong tree, shrub, perennial, annual, pest and disease identification and knowledge is required


Work & Sensory Environment

  • Required to stand for long periods of time during shift
  • Regularly required to perform repetitive and/or precise hand/finger movements
  • Required to lift, carry or handle moderately heavy objects
  • Tolerance to heat is required due to greenhouse setting
  • Flexibility with schedule including weekends, evenings and holidays
  • During our busiest season from mid-April to mid-June, employees may be required to work 6 days a week, but will not exceed 48 hours/week


Benefits and Perks

  • If a full-time permanent employee:
    • Group RRSP and matching
    • Health coverage
    • Dental and Vision coverage
    • Other benefit coverage
    • Employee discount

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