Welcome To Belleview Landscapes - Applying For The Arborist and Tree Care Specialist Position

Who are you?
You’re an active adventurer with a green thumb. You’re a passionate plant and tree lover. You’re a positive motivator with a tenacious spark. Working outdoors excites you and you desire to learn and grow with other like-minded individuals in a green industry career. At the end of the day, when you’re hands are marred with dirt and there is sawdust in you hair, you step back and are proud of what you’ve accomplished because you know it will be enjoyed by many.

Who are we?
We’re a very tight knit group of professionals looking to add to our growing team. Belleview Landscapes was established to serve both people and the environment. We have the ambition to directly impact the love and wellbeing of the people in our communities and create meaningful change in the spaces in which we interact. That is what cultivates our passion for building community resilience and supporting sustainably focused initiatives. We imagine, design , create, and maintain the environments in which we live, work and play. And we can’t wait to meet you, our new Tree Care Specialist.

What we offer:
- $20-$30/hr
- paid training and personal/professional development
- potential for bonuses and commissions
- benefits (currently in development)
- fist bumps

What you already have:
- G class license
- a degree of certification in a realted field
- an idustry certification like ISA
- 3+ years of experience in a related field
- a interest in sustainability
- a focus on integrity
- a desire to be curious

The types of projects we get into are…
- softscaping enhancements
- major planting and naturalization projects
- light landscape construction
- tree and shrub care
- landscape maintenance
…and everything we do is sustainably focused!!! EVERYTHING

What a Tree Care Specialist does for Belleview...

We do not do big removals! An Arborist and Tree Care Specialist at Belleview Landscapes you will help us grow this emerging dvivison. We have a strong list of clients, with large properties, who care about the trees that they have. You will offer advice and guidance on what their trees need. You will prescribe solutions to ensure the longterm health of thier trees. And, ultimately, you will perform the work that is required. 

As this is a new division, you will be th foundation, helping to grow the team, coach them for success, and lead them thorugh the safe operation of their work. You will be required to perform other landscape duties outside of tree care, but you will have oppurtunities to earn commision through the direct invovlement in the sales and lead generation process. And as the leader of this endeavour, when Belleview grows, you grow with us.

The types of tree care projects we get asked to perform are...
- Tree Pruning, Reductions, Canopy Raises
- IPM for sponge moth, magnolia scale, etc
- Hedge trimming and topiary
- Fruit Tree Pruning
- Tree Planting
- Small Removals (only for dead, deseased, or dying)
- Stump Remval
- Shrub Rejuvenation and Ornamental Pruning

DM us or contact through email - explore@belleviewlandscapes.com - to learn more

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