Welcome To AirVantage - Applying For The Dispatcher Position

Hiring a magician, a conjurer of calm in chaos, a master of seeing through confusion and creating organization.

You thrive in a busy environment with many moving parts.

You are kind and compassionate.

Things change and you love it.  You know how to react to change and keep your composure.

You are the perfect wing person who always want to see your peers be successful.

You are the person in the chair that no superhero can be successful without. Planning and reacting and planning again.  Oh, and don’t forget the reacting and planning.

You are challenge driven.

You’re looking for a company that you will be proud to align your good name with.

You’re living a life of higher purpose. To do something bigger than yourself. Way bigger.

You’re looking for the ultimate company adventure. Something that will challenge you. That you will be able to build. Something you will look back at and be proud of.


Ready to take control?

We can teach you all the tasks necessary to do your job. That’s easy.

We are looking for a super organized and focused leader.

An empathetic, see it from every angle hawk that wins when they help others win in a trustworthy and grateful manner. A detail-oriented, nothing slips through the cracks Samurai ready to rule the world.

There’s no room for ego, arrogance, or general puffery here.

This is a KEY ROLE in our rapidly growing residential home service business. We have to get this hire right. 

We are looking for someone we like, for sure.

But more importantly, we’re looking for someone who knows how to work within a huge business.

Someone who can work with many different kinds of people.

Someone who knows how to track, measure, and organize a team of people to achieve our vision — to be the best residential home service company in British Columbia.

That means the best culture, the best buying experience, and the best quality of work our cherished customers will ever experience. Period.

As our Dispatcher you will be:

  • Ensuring our service calls are dispatched efficiently without compromising client satisfaction
  • Ensuring our field personnel are always on the move and generating revenue
  • Ensuring our clients always know when a technician will not be on time and reschedule at the client’s convenience
  • Ensure great communication with Purchasing and Warehousing to arrange efficient delivery of parts to technicians
  • Ensure Strict adherence to the Dispatching for Profits Priority Service Schedule, including the 10-28 dispatching system to ensure the “Right” technician is sent to the “Right” appointment
  • Ensure that each Technician is debriefed after each call and insist that all employees collect payment immediately after each job is completed

This means great communication, with organization, eyes in the back of your head, so we always deliver on our promises.

It means attention to detail, supporting your teammates, and caring for customers.

This means protecting and defending a happy, healthy, wealthy culture with your life.

We’re not satisfied with satisfied customers. We want delighted customers!

Are you looking to build a giant – one delighted customer at a time?

We thought so too. That’s why we like you so much.

We really like how thoughtful you are. We love your work ethic.

You don’t give up. You figure it out. You’re so resourceful.

You’re not afraid of asking. You ask all the time. Ask ask ask. No guessing with you.

You know an organized schedule means you can deliver a premium result.

That’s the only way. Literally.


You ready to jump on the AirVantage?

Cause we can’t wait to meet you. You know what to do next.

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