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My Three Dogs on Coleman Blvd. in Mount Pleasant is seeking an Assistant Manager with a passion for providing top notch care, and a desire to grow with a company of like-minded individuals! Starting pay range is $17.50 per hour, with raises based on performance. Ideal candidate will be a kind, conscientious, and detail-oriented caregiver with a flexible schedule and a desire to lead. We strive to provide a safe, fun, and rewarding work environment, with a focus on productive teamwork.

Duties include:

  • Representing the organization and performing the role of the general manager in their absence; a desire to step up into the management role and a willingness to take on these responsibilities when needed, including but not limited to:
    • Scheduling employees to ensure all facility duties are covered, and stepping in to any role in the facility in event of an employee absence;
    • Conducting payroll on a twice-monthly basis, as well as preparing weekly deposits and maintaining the cash drawer;
    • Hiring qualified staff to fill roles in your facility
  • Demonstrating excellent leadership--resolving disputes with staff as well as clients in a conscientious way
  • Fostering honest, communicative, and productive relationships between clients and yourself as a representative of My Three Dogs; being the go-to person for pup parents when they have questions or concerns; treating each dog and their owners as though they are part of our family
  • Overseeing inventory and submitting weekly orders for supplies
  • Training, and supervising staff in their daycare, boarding, and bathing duties
  • Assisting general manager in all above such duties and providing support, working together as a team
  • Setting the standard for optimum operation of our facilities; adhering to and enforcing My Three Dogs operating policies and leading the team by example.
  • Overseeing the work of other staff members to ensure that duties are completed and the facility is in proper condition.
  • Providing excellent customer service; interacting in a personable and conscientious manner with pup parents and representing our facility and values.
  • Training staff in their roles and providing them with the advice and resources necessary to succeed.
  • Taking charge of the facility in the absence of the general manager, and communicating all necessary information up through the chain of leadership, including notes about dog behavior, supply needs, injuries and incidents.
  • Monitoring and reporting on daycare, boarding, and grooming dogs to their owners, including any behavior issues, health problems, and injuries in a kind, caring, and informative manner
  • Performing first aid in the event of injury to a dog as well as accurately informing clients; a willingness to take first aid and CPR classes and put that knowledge into practice if necessary.
  • Supervising different playgroups of all sizes and personalities with a safety first focus.
  • Cleaning to a level that provides pups with the same level of cleanliness they could expect at home. Those duties include: vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, hand scrubbing, and cleaning up doggie messes of all sizes and varieties.
  • Ensuring that all dogs are fed, provided with water and medicated as prescribed by their veterinarian in a detailed manner that allows their parents to clearly track their habits while away.
  • Comfort with computers and technology and learning/operating kennel software
  • Working with all team members including management to effectively communicate all pups’ needs during their time at My Three Dogs. This communication will include filling out tracking logs clearly as well as report cards to send home at the end of a pup’s time with us.
  • Always having a positive attitude in any task that is required to keep our guests safe while in our care.
  • The ability to lift at least 75lbs as part of the daily job. Sometimes our pups are in need of a lift.
  • The availability to work required holidays, as our guests’ needs are the same regardless of the day.
  • Dogs love being outside and so should you. We constantly rotate pups from inside to outside, so you need to be able to thrive in a changing environment. This is a management position and a crucial role in our operations. Applicants are expected to be flexible, willing to work a changing but full schedule and to be a presence within their location, with a willingness to step into any role in the facility as needed.

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