Welcome To Inline Landscaping Inc - Applying For The Loader with Snow Plow Operator- PICKERING Position

  • Perform snow removal duties with focus on quality and timely execution.
  • Operate trucks, loaders, and other various types of hand tools and equipment; some with mounted snowplows, pushers and salters in safe and productive manner.
  • Excellent record keeping of work completed, service logs and weather reporting.
  • Excellent record keeping of equipment inspections, conducting pre and post trip inspections.
  • General housekeeping and restocking of various operation sites with materials and goods. This includes the regular cleaning of the inside and outside of equipment and trucks, making sure the site is left in a clean and tidy manor, and keeping your site supervisor informed if materials and goods need to be re-stocked.
  • Attending meetings, various training, and safety courses (online or otherwise).
  • Shoveling snow, hand salting, physical labour, heavy lifting and being a team player.

This position requires you to be On Call 24/7, as well as attend your Scheduled Shifts as scheduled by your site supervisor or those acting on the site supervisor’s behalf. This means that you will be required to attend your Scheduled Shifts and remain On Call 24/7 during stat holidays, religious holidays or other days and events presumed to be a day work will not commence.

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