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Alaskan AC

In-House Marketing Coordinator


Wanted: King/Queen of Influencing the Socials


The Tok-Tiking is fun, but not quite making the car payment, right?

Let’s fix that.


We don’t need a social media influencer. 

We do need somebody who can influence social media.  Got it?


We’re a fast-moving, fast growing heating and air company.  People in town know us, so we’ve got that part down. Your job will be to wrap your arms around the folks who like us and get them to love us (please don’t actually hug anybody without consent, we have an H.R. policy about that).


You’re gonna make us shine in the community.

Find new, fun ways to connect with our customers.


Produce vibrant videos for IG, TikTok, FB, and our website.

Write electric emails.

Make profound posts.

PR us to all the Ps who are looking for Rs.


In short, you become the communication conduit between our company and our customers. 


You gotta be the kind of person who sees the guardrails but can safely play in the street (without getting run over).


We’re a serious company with a bunch of irreverence.  Can you tell the difference?


Timeliness is crucial.

Working with diverse personalities is unavoidable.

Interacting with different teams will be your daily routine.


You’ll qualify if you…

  • Can shoot and edit videos for social media.
  • Have top-tier writing and communication skills.
  • Can multi-task like nobody’s business.
  • Have exceptional computer talents.
  • Communicate effectively with internal team members and customers.
  • Complete quality work in a timely manner.
  • Lots of attention to detail.
  • A professional attitude, prompt attendance, and a smile when things get tough.

We want you with us for a long time, so there are plenty of growth opportunities. For the right candidate we offer:

  • Pay starting at $46K/yr with bonus plans to take it even higher
  • Up to 5 paid vacation days each year
  • 6 paid holidays each year
  • 401k Plan (with company matching)
  • Health Insurance for your whole family (Medical, Dental, Vision, and Prescriptions)
  • Life and Disability Insurance
  • Regular training
  • Employee Discounts on all service
  • Better coffee than your last job. And it's Free!

This is a new position in our company, so come with your ideas.  We want to hear ‘em!

Not many get to join our team, but the ones who stick with us love it here. Let's talk!

Ron Bott


Alaskan AC

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