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The I Rise Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to taking action towards adolescents’ health and well-being by providing mentorship, prevention, intervention and leadership programs.

Our mission is to equip youth and young adults with the knowledge of independent living skills, leadership, self-respect, emotional regulation awareness, health and wellness and employment skills.

At the I Rise Foundation, we understand the importance of mental, emotional, and behavioral health. That's why we provide comprehensive services and coaching to support the mindset and empowerment of our youth and young adults. We strive to identify second chance youths who are in the foster care system, aging out of foster care, incarcerated youth, and youth coming out of incarceration. We offer individualized and community resources and support to guide adolescents in graduating from high school, gaining employment, educational programming, and health and wellness. Our services will provide the opportunity for youth to become thriving, responsible members of society.

As a Neighborhood Hero's Mentor for the I Rise Foundation, Volunteer's will have the ability  to handle only two or three youth at a time as to ensure time is to thoroughly explore the history of each assigned youth.

The mentor communicates with the child, parents, family members, neighbors, school officials, doctors and others involved in the child’s life who might have facts about how to best assist the youth in their development. The mentor reviews all documents the organization receives pertaining to the youth. The mentor is then expected to submit monthly reports on the activities, academics, visits, communication(s) etc. pertaining to the youth. 

As a mentor you are to monitor how your youth is progressing forward in their academics, personal life, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. As a Neighborhood Hero's Mentor you can make a huge difference in the life of a youth.  


  • Investigate, Research, and Interview
  • Complete an intensive independent review of each case
  • Speak with the child and all relevant adults (parents, family members, school officials, doctors, and others involved in the child’s life who might have facts about the case)
  • Review appropriate records and reports
  • Help Keep the Child Safe, Observe and Monitor Services
  • Visit with the child physically at least twice every 30 days
  • Observe the child in their environment and interactions with those who are a part of the child’s life and potentially their future
  • Assist with providing resources/services to the child and family
  • Attend Meetings ( school, I Rise Meetings)
  • If the youth has a legal case attend court hearings to see that all relevant facts are presented
  • Attend appropriate interagency meetings regarding the child
  • Participate in family planning meetings concerning the child
  • Insure representation of the child’s best interest at all times
  • Take Notes, write reports for the coordinator
  • Provide a written report containing independent, factual information concerning the child monthly
  • Provide advocacy for abused and neglected children who are the subject of judicial proceedings, if needed
  • Ensure representation of the child’s best interests at all meetings 


  • Consult monthly with I Rise Program Coordinator concerning assigned case, develop a case plan and review progress and reports.
  • Submit an activity log on the first week of each month.
  • Return all files, notes, reports etc. pertaining to the youth when you are no longer on the child’s case


  • Ability to keep all youth's and organization's information confidential
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • Ability to respect and relate to people from various backgrounds (economic, cultural, educational) in a variety of settings
  • Ability to transport self to a variety of locations
  • Ability to deal with hostility, anger and other emotional attitudes
  • Ability to maintain objectivity
  • Ability to gather and record factual information accurately
  • A basic understanding of child development
  • A basic understanding of family relationships


  • Mentors are required to attend approximately 30 hours of pre-service training
  • Mentors will complete 12 hours of continuing education annually
  • Mentors follow guidelines established by the the I Rise Foundation and state laws
  • Mentors will attend in-service training and receive direction supervision and guidance from program coordinator


  • Mentors are required to commit themselves to their youth for at least one year
  • Mentors are encouraged to attend school meetings, and/or court hearings
  • Mentors are expected to be available for case assignments upon completion of pre-service training.


  • Although we cannot provide you with monetary rewards, there are many benefits to being a Neighborhood Hero's Mentor volunteer. These include but are not limited to the opportunity to:
  • Make a difference in the life and future of a youth 
  • Help a youth develop employability skills, leadership skills, and gain self-awareness and direction in their life
  • Assist in obtaining a clear picture of a youth's life and needs
  • Gain an understanding of becoming an advocate 
  • Develop/utilize communication skills
  • Develop/utilize assertiveness
  • Utilize your past experience/skills
  • Form friendships with like-minded individuals

Organization Culture:

The I Rise Foundation believes that a diverse organization and inclusive workplace culture enhances our ability to fulfill our mission. We strive for equity and justice in the way people are treated and the opportunities they have to succeed by working to address racism, inequitable treatment, and other barriers to inclusion. We strongly encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds (including communities of color, the LGBTQ community, veterans, and people with disabilities) to apply to join our team.

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