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PRAXES believes that everyone should be able to have timely access to excellent medical advice and care, wherever they are, and whenever they need it. 

PRAXES is an innovative tele-medicine and medical services company, headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that that has been delivering expert medical services to clients with remote operations since 1997. 

It is important that everyone who works for PRAXES shares our values, which are:

        Be AGILE - Creative, evolving, adapting, curious, flexible, innovative, challenging status quo

        Be EFFECTIVE - Deliver quality medical services that add real value for our customers, including patients, employers and healthcare providers.  

        Act with INTEGRITY - Have trusting, compassionate and caring relationships, with co-workers, partners, shareholders and patients. Do the right thing, even when no one is looking. 

We are a 24/7 company, so we cannot have a '9 to 5' mentality. While our team members generally work regular business hours, there may be occasions where working outside of the conventional schedule will be required.

Specific Requirements:

We have clients in the film production and other industries who are looking for an on-site medic to help keep all workers safe, especially in this new COVID-19 environment.   

Film Site Medic Responsibilities: 

·       Provide CoVID-19 assessments, general first aid, assessment and treatment of minor medical issues for the workers at various film production sites and/or other client locations.

·       This may also include CoVID swab testing when required for health surveillance or when individuals develop symptoms (training will be provided). 

·       Manage the onsite medical kit and supplies, reorder as needed.

·       Work collaboratively with the site safety or CoVID officer to ensure the safest possible work environment.

·       Consult the PRAXES on-call physician for assistance in diagnosis and treatment of illnesses or injuries when required, and assistance in determining when a worker is fit to work, or needs to go to a medical facility for further assessment and treatment.

·       Provide scene management and call 911 in emergency situations.

·       Must be a team player but demonstrate ability to work autonomously.

·       Will report directly to the PRAXES Operations Manager.


·       Must be licensed as a Primary Care Paramedic (PCP)

·       3-5 years minimum experience

·       Comfortable working as the only medical provider at a worksite for up to 12 hours per day. 

This is a part-time contract position. Positions are available in the Halifax area, and Vancouver, BC.




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