Welcome To Betenbough Companies, PBC - Applying For The Construction Manager / Builder Position

Builder Purpose Statement

Build homes to the highest standards in a team environment with systems created for efficiency, effectively maintaining quality and timely completion to serve each buyer in an impactful way.


Essential Job Functions

§  Deliver Betenbough quality and value.

§  Build relationships daily with trade partners, vendors, and Betenbough Team Members.

§  You will be responsible for all work performed in the construction phase that you are assigned.

§  You must attend the daily production meeting promptly and prepared to answer any questions.

§  Make sure that trade partners complete their work on time.

§  Inspect all work for quality and completion for payment approval.

§  Schedule and direct trade partners daily.

§  Make sure the home site is clean at every stage, every home, with every trade.

§  You must be thorough at your inspection points. In Progress Inspections that are done with detail are necessary to maintain our quality of construction.

§  Develop an organizational system for yourself that allows you to be efficient and responsive.

§  In Progress Inspections should be completed in a timely manner upon completion of work. (within 10 working hours)

§  Communicate to manager about construction progress, needs, and concerns.

§  Manage construction process daily.

§  Hold trade partners accountable to city codes and company quality standards.

§  Continue to improve the quality of the finished home daily.


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