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The Field Service Representative (FSR) reports to the Operations Manager and provides leadership and guidance to help our Franchise Partners to consistently serve each guest the highest quality food, with exceptional service, and to maintain a clean safe location. FSR will protect the brand image through detailed record keeping, restaurant audits, systems and marketing implementations while ensuring program compliance by all locations. Make business recommendations to the Operations Manager and the location operator to improve financial and operational performance.


1.      Support a Territory of Assigned Restaurants

 Specific Accountabilities:


·           Understand all FDD’s and FA’s pertaining to each location

·           Ensure compliance within the duties and obligations of the franchisor and location operators under the franchise agreement

·           Understand all franchise disclosure documentation and applicable laws

·           Visit and complete a Location Restaurant Business Review a minimum of 4 times per calendar year unless otherwise directed

·           Completion of a Restaurant Visit Report every time a restaurant is visited

·           Liaison between the support centre and the location operators

·           Contact each location bi weekly (minimum) and keep a detailed record

·           Keep to 24 hour return policy for location operators phone calls and 24 hour return policy for returning emails

·           Perform Location Business Review, Restaurant Visit Reports, QSC Reports, on-line camera audits and follow up letters sent to operator within seven calendar days of location visit

·           Determine the QSC levels at each location, create KPI targets, review and implement plans for improvement

·           Follow up at each location after visit to determine if plans have been implemented and take appropriate action

·           Verify compliance of our brand standards and purchasing program and take any appropriate action, including default warnings or recommendations for default proceedings

·           Investigate, verify, and take action to ensure integrity of location revenues

·           Monitor sales and product data

·           Implement and follow up on  new product and marketing programs

·           Respond and follow up timely within (24-48 hours) with any guest concerns


2.      Regional and individual Franchise Partner Meetings

Specific Accountabilities:


·           Hold a regional meeting once per year for each region in your territory

·           Schedule individual meetings as required at the location or support centre to cover any issues that may need to be addressed


3.      Assist with location employee training


Specific Accountabilities:

 ·           Advise the location operators on the hiring and training of restaurant employees

·           Recommend additional training requirements


4.      Provide onsite support as required and assigned


Specific Accountabilities:


·           Ensure the operator and staff understand and can demonstrate the brand standards, policies and procedures

·           Evaluate the operator to determine additional and future training requirements


5.      Protection and maintenance of Company assets in your possession

 Specific Accountabilities:


·           Keep Company vehicles clean at all times and washed a minimum once a week

·           Operate Company vehicles in a safe manner

·           Maintain Company vehicles regularly  as per required schedule

·           Report all accidents or damages as soon as possible

·           Complete and submit a monthly expense report and mileage log by the first Monday of each following monthly period

·           Follow all Company Vehicle Policies.


6.      Time Management

Specific Accountabilities:


·           Create and submit Monthly KPI targets and Weekly schedules to the Operations Manager by Thursday of the preceding week

·           Maintain  and implement a detailed list of projects to increase sales at each location

·           Plan and Schedule time to achieve Company goals and directives

·           Submit expense reports by the first Monday of the following monthly period

·           Submit all locations Business Reviews and letters etc. with every expense report submission

·           Keep a tracking spread sheet of all SBR/SVR/LSM and Budget Reports/Meetings

·           Work within a budget for operational expenses


7.      Miscellaneous Duties

 Specific Accountabilities:

 ·            As directed by Operations Manager from time to time


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