Welcome To Go Giraffe Go - Applying For The Client Account Manager (part time) Position

CO-WORKER: Hey, [insert your name here], great job on that last campaign for [insert name of one of great clients]! That was a lot of tactics to project manage through all the writing, design, and production steps, all the while getting approvals from the client on each piece and handling the social media strategy. Wow. We should really get you a cape.

YOU (a bit proud, but with a honed sense of teamwork): Well, you know, I used to wait tables and it really isn't that much different from working with a really great kitchen staff, an awesome menu, and customers I really liked serving.

CO-WORKER: Sooooo...what colour cape would you like?

YOU: I'm thinking Italian seaside blue.


Yes, you may have guessed it. We’re in the hunt for a part-time Client Account Manager to join our merry band of ungulates. We encourage flexible working times (so you have time to preen your giraffe spots). Work from home, work from the office. Whatever it takes to get the job done. No problem. As long as your project management, communication and ability to manage clients with aplomb are all in step, you're probably THE ONE.

Other reasons you might be THE ONE…

Yes, you might have advertising experience, that would be great, but what will really help you more is being the type of person who can take the bull by the horns and take initiative and make decisions, all the while knowing that uncertainty is part of the job (it’s not cookie cutter here, folks – every client is different and every campaign is different.) Here are the skills that would be handy to be part of our tower of giraffes:

  • ‘Babysitting’ adults (Yes, we just wrote that.)
  • Comfortable taking initiative and making decisions
  • Working in a process
  • Keeping a team of people up to date/communicating
  • Willing to learn
  • Good with budgets, numbers—running kickass excel spreadsheets
  • Interested in strategy
  • Comfortable/quick with technology pick-up
  • Comfort in not-knowing things and figuring them out
  • Understanding of design, both digital and print
  • Understanding social media strategy
  • Understanding web design

The things you’ll stick your neck out to do:

  • Meeting and liaising with clients to talk about and identify their advertising requirements
  • Working with other giraffes to devise an advertising campaign that meets the client's needs and budget
  • Presenting, usually alongside agency colleagues, campaign ideas and budget to the client
  • Briefing media, creative and corresponding agency staff, and assisting with the devising of marketing strategies
  • Being the link between the client and advertising agency by maintaining regular contact with both, ensuring that communication flows effectively like the river that runs by the savannah where the giraffes like to hang out. Oh, sorry, we digressed there.
  • Developing timelines for the project and communicating those timelines to the client and agency team
  • Being an overall project manager
  • Negotiating with clients and agency staff about the details of campaigns
  • Handling budgets, managing campaign costs and invoicing clients
  • Writing client reports
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Undertaking administration tasks
  • Having a vehicle and a valid driver’s license is pretty critical

Please do not send any résumés or cover letters directly to any of our giraffes. Thank you.

GoGiraffeGo Writing & Design Inc. was started in 2001 with one purpose – to put an end to ugly and non-strategic advertising. We have a select group of clients, with whom we help solve problems, grow their businesses, and achieve their objectives.



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